International Culture Week

The Sias International Culture Week plays a vital role in creating fun and educational extracurricular activities at Sias. This unique week-long festival is a window to the world through which one can see and appreciate both Chinese and foreign cultures.


Sias Supervisor, Li Haijun, had this to say about the International Culture Week " communicate with people who have different values and beliefs in an effective way is one of the most significant skills in the world today. Sias International Culture Week is designed to equip our students with these kinds of skills in life."




There are six days of events for the students. The week begins with China Day, followed by Latin America/Africa Day, European Day, Asia Day, North America Day, and International Day, which features selected acts from the previous five days.


China Day kicked off the week with artwork from around the nation. Students and faculty learn about everything from paper cutting and glass blowing to calligraphy and gourd pyrography.


On Latin America/Africa Day, students learned about Latin American culture through dance, music, and the variety of festivals that exist in South and Central America. They also learn about African culture and the continent's stunning natural beauty. During the evening performance, International teachers perform traditional Latin American and African dances and songs.


European Day features many picture boards of the various countries in Europe. Students enjoy walking around Sias' Italian Square and take part in games, street performances and even get to taste some of the cuisine of Europe. There are even live musical performances in the evening at the Roman Amphitheater!


Asia Day, which is organized by the International students, has the sights and sounds from many of the countries from across Asia, especially from South-East Asia and South Asia. As with other days during the culture week, International students dress up in the various traditional constumes of Asian countries and set up informative and educational boards around the Italian Square. The evening performance is packed with traditional dances, and songs. It really is a sigh to behold!


North America Day features a Hollywood walk, hip hop dances, and a number of games like putt-putt golf and bean bag toss. The Italian Square is set up almost like a fairground, and students have a wonderful time soaking up North American culture with the International teachers. There are boards from which students can learn about the different states in the United States and Canada. The evening performance is a combination of song and dance, organized by the International teachers.

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