Campus Healthcare & Safety

Sias International University is committed to safety, wellness and outstanding health care as part of the university community.


Health Care

Sias clinic is an accredited outpatient facility staffed by licensed physicians and surgeons who keep students faculty and staff healthy through a wide variety of primary and specialty care services, including the following: general medical cares, immunization, physical therapy, massage therapy, nutrition, sports medicine and women’s health. The medical care available during high volume campus activities is superb. The standards of inspection for the school cafeterias are rigorous and thorough. The Sias clinic is also responsible for dispersing information regarding health and safety for all students, faculty and staff.
The clinic is equipped with advanced diagnostic and treatment facilities including the electrocardiograph, globulimeter, urine analyzer, automatic biochemistry analyzer and dental equipment.
It offers services at a minimal cost. If you need medical care, please call the Sias Clinic at 0371-62602120.
The Xinzheng People’s Hospital is in town and many provincial-level hospitals are only one hour away. They are available for severe illnesses and injuries.
The Prevention Center
The Prevention Center was jointly established by Sias International University and Southwest Behavioral Health Services (US) in 2010. Students at Sias can access a 24hr private hotline (800-8838-615), which will put them in contact with a professional who can help with any crises they may encounter, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol and drug dependence, sexual assault.


The Security Department helps maintain a safe and secure campus, offering services including emergency requests response, safety tips, minor vehicle assistance, and lost and found items. The Security Department provides 24/7 security and responds to calls for assistance from staff, faculty, students, patients and visitors.
Emergency Contact Number: 0371-62601234

Lost & Found

Handbags, cell phones, keys and wallets are among the most common items at lost and found collections across Sias. If you’ve lost something, please call the Security Department, 0371-62601234, and provide a detailed description of the item to see if it's in the lost and found. If you’ve found an item, please also call the Security Department at 0371-62601234.

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