Bridge Programs

Bridge Programs


1. School of Business

· Business Management

· Marketing

· Accounting

· Tourist Management

· Finance


2. School of Electronics and Information Engineering

· Computer Science and Technology

· Information Management and Information System

· E-Commerce

· Electronics and Information Engineering


3. School of Law

· Law


4. School of Foreign Languages

· English (Business English Oriented)


5. School of Nursing

· Nursing (Foreign Nursing Oriented)


6. School of Music

· Musical Performance (Musical Drama and Opera Oriented)


7. Department of Basic Studies

· Chinese Language and Literature


What's New

Special Research Meeting on Undergraduate Majors & Data Filing

Wednesday, April 14 - Sias University held a special research meeting on undergraduate courses and data filing in...

2021 Sias Zhengzhou Alumni Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 13 - The annual Sias University Zhengzhou Alumni Association Meeting was held in Zhengzhou's...

Huanghe S&T University Library Director visits Sias

Tuesday, March 30 - The Director of the Library at Huanghe S&T University, Ding Fuyun, visited Sias University...