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As we know, in the twenty-first century, the East and West face different challenges. The challenges facing the East and the West have different natures. Issues facing the West include economic development, employment issues, and the updating of infrastructure. China is facing the challenges of sustainable development, climate change, environmental pollution, and other aspects of IP. These challenges are not fragmented; some are intertwined. East and West need to take these challenges in hand, and quickly. These challenges require great wisdom, great strategic insights, strategic thinking, and innovative strategies.


The former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, pointed out that US-China relations should not be construed as a zero-sum game, and that the rise of a strong and prosperous China did not mean the strategic failure of the USA. The choice of strategic cooperation between the two sides challenges the prejudice and misunderstanding between the two. However, China and the USA are not only strategic partners, but also, without doubt, competitors. The relationship between China and the USA has been subject to international scrutiny and to various pressures and domestic problems. Therefore, it will be difficult to sustain the strategic relations between the two, if they relied on crisis management alone. Hence, the central question for the Centre is to address how to build mutual confidence for the US and China. The West meets Eastparadigm will provide strategic insight and philosophical thinking on the integration of Western management with Eastern philosophy in international relation-building and international business in a globalized world.


Our research philosophy is to stress on the organic and intrinsic linkage among attributes and/or factors between strategy, competitiveness, innovation and sustainability, and the complementarities between China and the US. Hence, our Center is underpinned by three pillars:

· Strategy

· Innovation

· Sustainability


Our central thrust is that there is a need for the establishment of appropriate platforms and mechanisms for academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, and politicians to discuss and debate the current and strategic issues in terms of economics, trade, science and technology, culture and education, research and innovation, between China and the U.S.


The primary aim of the Center is to create an academic and research ambiance which underpins the creation of a research-informed university. CUSIR is committed to contribute to the University and the Councils Research and Innovation portfolio, and encourage and support innovators and entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, PhDs, DBA candidates, and Professional Doctors who are engaged in research in strategic management, technology management and innovation, competitiveness, sustainability, e-business, economics, international trade, and other business management related areas. The cutting-edge research of the Center will also benefit those in the areas of strategic management of technology and innovation, technological entrepreneurship, human resource strategy, financial strategy and marketing strategy, as well as knowledge management, organizational learning, culture and leadership.


CUSIR has a global team of innovators, entrepreneurs, prominent economists, active researchers, academics, and highly qualified experts with increasing influence between China and the U.S. The Center will maintain its ties and collaboration with government agencies, research institutions, universities, global firms, and industries, in China and the U.S. to provide strategic insights, philosophical notions and services with high quality findings, recommendations, and consulting & strategic advice.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the organizations and people who have supported our work and share in this great vision with us.


Dr. Richard Li-Hua
Professor of Strategic Management and Leadership
Former President of Sias International University


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