Sias Alumni Association

Sias Alumni Association is an ideal communication bridge between Sias alumni and the university, and also a platform for alumni members to share various kinds of information.



Functions of Sias Alumni Foundation:

 - Providing professional chances

 - Offering chances for successful members to share experiences

 - Organizing parties to enhance communication

 - Supporting the branches of Sias Alumni Association

 - Recommending excellent graduates to the companies in which Sias Alumni members work

 - Collecting member information through the website

 - Coordinating media to interview excellent Alumni members for publicity purposes

 - Establishing Excellent Membership Award Systems

 - Attracting donations to support the development of Sias and aid needy students



In the past 10 years, Sias Alumni Association has become an increasingly important platform for all the Sias alumni to communicate. It has strengthened the friendship ties between members of the association through holding parties, developing alumni cooperation programs and launching donations to the Alma Mater activities. Driving by the tenet of “To serve the Alumni, to serve the Alma Mater and to serve the society”, Sias Alumni Association aims to make the Association a home to all of its members. It is hoped that all the members of the Sias Alumni Association will keep in touch and feel the warmth of home with the goal of creating a better and amore cohesive community of interconnected alumni for future growth, sharing, and prosperity.



For more information on the Sias Alumni Association, visit their website.

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