Thursday, November 1 - The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, delivered a lecture at Sias' School of International Education (SIE) on the 31st of October.   Dr. Chen spoke of his awareness of the achievements of the School of International Education and encouraged the staff to continue their progress. He said that the school was the prime example of Sino
Wednesday, October 31 - The Rector of Ma Chung University, Dr. Chatief Kunjaya, visited Sias International University on the 29th and 30th of October. Dr. Kunjaya met with the President of Sias, Chen Sikun, for talks. The two sides signed an agreement for future cooperation, student exchanges, short-term cultural exchanges, and joint academic research.   During his visit, Dr.
Wednesday, October 31 - The School of Literature hosted the International Culture Week's Asia Day performances on the 30th of October. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, attended the event along with guests from Ma Chung University in Indonesia, Daffodil International University in Bangladesh, the affiliated Middle School of the Mongolian University of Science
Tuesday, October 30 - The opening ceremony of Sias International University's 20th International Culture Week was held on the 29th of October in Sias' Italian Square. Sias leaders, Chinese and foreign guests, as well as many local folk artists were present at the ceremony. The Deputy Director of the Office of International Affairs, Yue Junliang, presided over the ceremony.  
Monday, October 29 - World renown tenor, Ding Yi, delivered a lecture at Sias International University on the 26th of October. Ding Yi was the first Chinese tenor to perform at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, and is a professor and doctoral tutor at the China Conservatory of Music. The lecture titled, 'Aesthetics and Taste of Vocal Music,' was delivered at the School of Music
Monday, October 29 - The Talent Recruitment and Project Matchmaking Event for Innovation and Development in Henan was held in Zhengzhou on the 27th and 28th of October. The event was jointly sponsored by the CPC Henan Provincial Committee, the People's Government of Henan, and the Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars). It was organized by the Organizational
Friday, October 26 - The Sias Symphony Orchestra held a concert to celebrate Sias' 20th Anniversary on the 24th of October. The concert was directed by Hu Binying and Peng Jianxin.   The chief guests were the Vice Chairman of the Henan Federation of Arts & Culture, Vice Chairman of the Henan Musicians Association, and Chairman of the Zhengzhou Municipal Musician's
Thursday, October 25 - A delegation from Zhejiang University, led by the Assistant Principal and Director of the Infrastructure Department, Prof. Li Fengwang, visited Sias International University on the 24th of October. Sias Executive President, Wang Jialin, chaired a meeting with the Zhejiang University delegation, which included leaders of the Administrative Office, Logistics Department, and
14th Reading Festival[10/25/2018 10:35 AM]
Thursday, October 25 - Sias International University held the opening ceremony of its 14th Reading Festival on the 24th of October. The annual festival is held to encourage students to immerse themselves in Chinese culture, national pride and socialist values. The ceremony was held at the entrance to the library.   Sias President, Chen Sikun, Executive President, Wang Jialin,
Monday, October 22 - On the 20th of October, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, was one of the keynote speakers at the Southern California Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, organized by the International Data Engineering and Science Association (IDEAS). The Conference, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown Los Angeles, attracted
Monday, October 22 - Sias International University held its 16th Mental Health Education Week from the 15th to the 21st of October. During the week, Sias' Psychological Health Education & Counseling Center held a series of educational activities to promote awareness of mental heatlh issues. Each of the Residential Colleges at Sias had posters and boards with mental health educational
Wednesday, October 17 - On the 16th of October, Sias International University held a symposium on the Double Ninth Festival (Chong Yang Jie) that focused on the traditional and cultural respect for one's elders as well as the Chinese nation's respect for teachers and educators.   Sias President, Chen Sikun, Executive President, Wang Jialin, Deputy Party Secretary, Li
Wednesday, October 17 - The Vice President and Dean of the Academic Affairs of Sheng Da University of Economics, Business & Management, Prof. Wu Yimin, visited Sias International University on the 16th of October. The Executive President of Sias, Wang Jialin, met with Prof. Wu and his delegation, and held talks in the administration building. Leaders of the Administrative Office, Academic
Monday, October 15 - The annual meeting of the Sias Foundation Board was held in Los Angeles, USA, on the 13th of October. The Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, attended the meeting along with members of the Board of the Sias Foundation. They held in-depth discussions on the strategies for the continued development of Sias, the operations of the Foundation for the 2018/19 academic
Saturday, September 29 - The Henan Provincial People's Government held a banquet to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on the 28th of September. The banquet also included the annual Yellow River Friendship Awards Ceremony. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, who was awarded the Yellow River Friendship Award in
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