On Mar.6--Mar.11, 2012, a delegation of six people led by vice president Dr. Linn Storey from Columbus Technical College in America visited our school. During the visit, Dr. Shawn Chen, President Li Haijun, and leaders from School of Foreign Languages, School of Business,School of Chinese Language and Culture, School of Nursing and Academic Affairs Office met with the delegation
Recently, a Sias delegation including 6 Academic Affairs officers and 4 student leaders has completed the training for the theory and skill of university student behavioral health prevention co-sponsored by Sias foundation and Southwest Behavioral Health Services in America. And they have returned to Sias.  During the 4-week training, combining with their research direction and expertise,
During the winter break, a delegation of 14 Sias instructors and students paid a 7-day visit to the National University of Laos. During the visit, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of  University of Laos and the officer in charge of the Sino-Laos affairs introduced the history and development of the university from many aspects including university operation
On November  4-8th, the 31st AUAP board meeting was hoted by Sias International University.Delegates from 16 universities of 9 countries participanted the meeting.They first took part in the Sias culture week and were highly impressed by the idea of letting students experience the exotic culture without stepping out of the school gate. During the board meeting, each participant expressed
International Culture Week 2[11/09/2011 12:00 AM]
International Culture Week 1[11/09/2011 12:00 AM]
Sias 2011 freshmen military training report-back performance and candlelight ceremony was held in the morning and evening of September 22 respectively.  
July 14th,Dr, Shawn Chen, Prof. Fang Wenchang, Ms. Chu Jinjin and Mr. Yue Junliang left for Seoul to visit cooperation schools in Korea. The delegation visited Hansei University on 15th and Signed the MOU. Both party agreed to build a Korean Culture Center in Sias International University and talked in details about the Hansei University Delegation to pay a visit to Sias next year.After the vist
For 2011 Sias graduation class, May 29, 2011 was a memorable day to bid farewell to their Alma Mater and embark on new lives.
Dr. Shawn Chen, chairman of the board of Sias International University, attended the 16th IAUP (International Association and University Presidents) Triennial which was held on June 17-20, 2011 at the Marriot Marquis Hotel, directly overlooking Broadway and Times Square in New York City.
On May 28, guests from home and broad, alumni members, parents of students gathered at Sias International University, attending the 10th Home Coming Day.
Sias News[05/09/2011 12:00 AM]
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Transfer Love for Hope[12/20/2010 12:00 AM]
------launching the annual endowment drives at Sias
Nov. 30th- Dec. 4th, acompanied by Prof. Fang Wenchang, Mr. Yue Junliang and Ms. Li Hui, Dr. Shwan Chen payed a visit to Adamson University, University of Cordillera and Angeles University in Phillipines. Dr. Shawn Chen talked with the these three school about the cooperation in nursing program, student and faculty exchange, language training program and culture exchange. Both parties showed great
November 29th, during the AUAP (Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific) board meeting in Bangkok, Dr. Shawn Chen was elected the vice president of AUAP. His constructive ideas about the next development of AUAP were highly appreciated by the attendees. Prof. Fang Wenchang and Mr. Yue Junliang from ICED witnessd the glorious moment. (By ICED)
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