The 12th Culture Week raised its curtain on Nov. 1st, 2010. The 6-day festival added glamour and luster to the Sias campus where the east meets the west. During this festival, Italian Square became the showcase of cultures all around the world. Sias students got the chance to experience the abundance and diversity of cultures worldwide without leaving the campus.
The Sias 2010 Opening & Candlelight Ceremony was held on September 24, 2010 in the Sias Stadium. Li Daoyu, the 5th PRC’s ambassador to the United States, Jerrie Ueberle, president of the Sias Foundation, officers of local and cooperative schools’ admission offices and Sias leaders including Chairman Shawn Chen, president Li Haijun, vice president Dong Qiming, supervisors Xiao
Invited by AUAP, Dr. Shawn Chen went to Thailand to attend the 15th anniversary of AUAP along with Prof. Fang Wenchang and Mr. Yue Junliang. On the 28th Board meeting, Dr. Chen gave a lot of constructive ideas about the next development of AUAP, many represents gave highly agreement of his idea. The group scheduled to gather in Sias in September to talk about the next step. On 29th, the princess
The day of May 30 witnessed the graduation of 4600 Sias students. It was a time for them to look back and move ahead.
 ---- Sias tenth Home-coming successfully held 
-----“Education Development Forum on Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running School & 11th AUAP Learning and Sharing Forum” successfully held at Sias
May 27th, accompanied by Prof. Fang Wenchang, Dr. Shawn Chen met with Isa Habibbayli, rector of Azerbaijan Nakhchivan State University.
On this sunny spring day of April 16th,  Mr. Xu Jialu, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 10th National People’s Congress arrived at Sias at 3:30 pm. Accompanied to him are Mr. Zhang Chengfeng, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial People’s Congress, Mr. Wang Jinjun, Commissar of Henan Provincial Public Security Bereau, Mr. Gao Jinyu, Deputy
Linfield College visited Sias[03/25/2010 12:00 AM]
        March 23, Linfield College President Dr. Thomas Hellie, Director of admission Lisa Knodle-Bragiel and Prof. Chris Keaveney visited Sias.
    March 12nd, a piece of good news came from Paris, office place of the International Association of Universities (IAU), Sias International University became a new member school of the IAU. After three months’ investigation, IAU finally accepted Sias as one of its new member schools. This acceptance broadens Sias’s communication and cooperation in the worldwide arena.
    From January 21 to February 23, a team composed of ten instructors and monitors from the Student Affairs Department paid a visit to Phoenix, Arizona to receive a one-month training organized by the South-west Behavior and Health Service Center. During this period, the trainees not only took related courses, but also took part in many different cultural activities.
    Before we have all recovered from the happiness of Chinese New Year, a piece of good news came from the International Association of Universities Presidents (IAUP), Sias International University became a new member school of the IAUP. After ICED’s hard work, IUAP investigated Sias carefully and finally accepted Sias as one of its new member schools. This acceptance
    December 7th -9th, Dr. Shawn Chen and Prof. Fang Wenchang , director of ICED, attended the 27th board meeting of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP). Dr. Shawn Chen was elected the executive board member of Chinese area of AUAP and gave a speech about Sias International University during the meeting. After that, Dr. Shawn Chen and Prof. Fang Wenchang
    Vice rector Dr.Sri Indriyati, vice rector Dr.Reschiwati, Vice coordinator for managerial assessment Dr. Swati and vice coordinator. Dr. Sondang ,a four-person delegation from Persada university , Jakarta Indonesia came to visit sias from 18—20 this month.
On the morning of November 11th, the governor of Kansas, Mr. Mark Parkinson escorted by Sias Founder Dr. Shawn Chen and the Vice Governor of Henan, Mr. Xu Jichao came to Sias to visit and give a lecture to the students of Sias. Goveror Parkinson came to Henan to attend the Midwest Sino-American Cooperation Forum. Because of Sias’ unique model of education and partnership with Fort
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