Instead of giving the shirts off their backs to help, Sias International University students and faculty members put shirts on their backs and raised nearly 5,000 RMB for the H20 Africa Foundation during Culture Week. There were 914 T-shirts sold during the six-day cultural festival to raise 4,590 RMB. The shirts, designed by Sias staff members, were sold during the afternoon and evening by
A live international videoconference allowed students at Northern Michigan University and Sias International University in China to interact and exchange ideas in real time. Dr. Alex Carroll, a professor of anthropology at NMU, hosted the conference in NMU’s Socio-Cultural Anthropology class on Oct. 8. The exchange was co-hosted on the other end of the camera – and world – by Jason Harper, who
Holiday travel[10/09/2007 12:00 AM]
This October holiday Sias International University staff members and instructors traveled in and outside China. A contingent traveled to Seoul, South Korea, as part of an exchange program with Han Sei University, while another group headed west to Xi’an to see the Terracotta Warriors. In addition, some went to Shanghai to take in the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The trip to South Korea was
Freshmen pour into Sias[09/09/2007 12:00 AM]
XINZHENG, Henan Province – Busses streamed into Sias International University this weekend, flooding the campus with incoming freshmen from around China. The class of 2011, the largest freshman class in Sias’ nine-year history, started arriving early Saturday morning and was still showing up late Sunday evening. Nearly a quarter of the new students will be attending the School of Foreign
Graduates and students of Sias International University along with their parents took part in Homecoming activities on May 26. This seventh-annual event was a chance for graduates to return and reconnect with old classmates. It was a time for parents to see the growth that has happened on the campus and in their children. Homecoming kicked off with a special performance in the Opera Building. The
Intramurals tip off at Sias[05/22/2007 12:00 AM]
Intramural sports are considered part of the norm on college campuses in North America. On the other hand, it’s a fairly new concept in China, especially Central China. However, Sias International University is working on changing things in the Henan Province. Saturday, May 19, 2007, Sias officially opened intramural play with students and foreign faculty members. There was plenty of action on
Students clean up Shizu Shan[05/21/2007 12:00 AM]
Armed with gloves, trash bags and drinking water, students and faculty members of Sias International University collected garbage off Shizu Shan over Earth Day weekend. Twenty students and three teachers spent four hours hiking the ancestral mountain, picking up trash from top to bottom. Large trash bags were soon filled and near the breaking point as the groups scoured the main and off-beat
Ernest Hemingway wrote: “There are only 3 real sports: bull-fighting, car racing and mountain climbing. All the others are mere games.” Stephen Turpin and Monica Wolfe knocked off the latter sport when they climbed The Four Girls Mountain during the 2007 May holiday. They were part of an exhibition from the Sias International University Outdoor Club. Joining the Americans were Chinese students
Sias News, November 2017[12/01/2017 09:20 AM]
Official Sias Video News for the events in the second half of November, 2017.  
After months of training, Lyndi Milton and Drew Tilson were prepared to take on the inaugural ZhengBian Marathon from Zhengzhou to Kaifeng on May 6 in the Henan Province of China. The Sias International University instructors trained around Xinzheng, running through villages during the cool of the day. Unfortunately on race day, they found themselves staring down a very long, flat road as the
Sias News, early November 2017[11/17/2017 02:09 PM]
Official Sias Video News for the events in early November, 2017.  
Farewell Opera[05/13/2007 12:00 AM]
It’s never easy to say goodbye. After years of studying at Sias International University, the Opera Department graduates gave their farewell performance on April 29. The graduating players performed the traditional folk opera “Shangshi.” It was their final chance to perform in the Opera Education Theatre and show off how much they had learned while studying at Sias. It was an emotionally
A video about the Opening Ceremony of Sias' 19th International Culture Week and activities and events thereafter on 'China Day'  
Sick of constant studying? Tired of intense relationships? Want to relax for a while? Well, this was the week for you. May holiday: no classes, no assignments, no activities, just free time. Time for traveling, shopping, or just plain relaxing? However, not everyone jumped on a train to Wuhan or Chengdu. Some students stayed at Sias International University and enjoyed the solitude. The typically
SIas News, October 2017[10/30/2017 11:29 AM]
Official bilingual Sias Video News for the events in October, 2017.  
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