On May 1st, 2012, a Sias delegation led by Dr. Shawn Chen paid a visit to the Buddhist College in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The delegation got a campus tour first, and then discussed the issues of the Sias and Buddhist College students, and exchange of delegation. Afterwards, the two sides sign a cooperation agreement.   During the visit, the Sias delegation also visited the
On May3-5th, 2012, Dr. Shawn Chen attended the 32nd Board Meeting of AUAP (The Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific) in Hanoi, Vietnam. The meeting was held by Hanoi University of Agriculture, and more than 150 school leaders from 11 countries attended it. During the meeting, Shawn raised some constructive suggestions about the reform of the AUAP, which won high praise from other
In order to expand the employment channels for the graduates and improve the employment rate of Sias, Sias held the 2nd Annual Job Fair for the 2012 graduates on May 5th, 2012. More than 100 corporations offered over 1000 jobs related to advertising, finance, education, tourism and much more. Of all the corporations, China Telecom, Shuanghui Group and New Oriental were the most widely
Apr. 27, 2012, the Sias delegation leading by Dr. Shawn Chen paid a visit to the Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Apr. 28, 2012, the delegation visited the library, the classroom and the laboratory at first. Then the two sides exchanged the school operation philosophies and talked about the academic exchange programs. Dr. Shawn Chen promised to provide scholarships to students of
Spring Sports Day (Vedio)[04/27/2012 03:34 PM]
Sias Holds the Spring Sports[04/18/2012 02:10 PM]
The spring sports is held at Sias during Apr.12-13, 2012. In the opening ceremony, the passionate military band and energetic cheering squad attract much attention and win a lot of applause. Dr. Shawn Chen light up the torch, wishing the sports a success and Sias a bright future. In this sports, nearly 1000 teachers and students compete in the 30 events, and two records have been
  In order to increase the cultural atmosphere of Sias campus, the College Students Science and Cultural Arts Festival was held at Italian Square on Mar.26th 2012. The festival contains 18 programs and will last for one week. During the week, the environment-friendly handicrafts, paintings and photographs made by students have attracted many people’s attention. The choreographed
In the afternoon of Mar.22, 2012, the sixth International Yellow Emperor Culture Forum was held in Opera House of Sias. This forum is organized by China Yanhuang Cultural Studies Association and Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government, and co-organized by Hometown of Yellow Emperor Cultural Studies Association and Xinzheng Municipal People’s Government. The famous scholar Yu
On Mar.6--Mar.11, 2012, a delegation of six people led by vice president Dr. Linn Storey from Columbus Technical College in America visited our school. During the visit, Dr. Shawn Chen, President Li Haijun, and leaders from School of Foreign Languages, School of Business,School of Chinese Language and Culture, School of Nursing and Academic Affairs Office met with the delegation
Recently, a Sias delegation including 6 Academic Affairs officers and 4 student leaders has completed the training for the theory and skill of university student behavioral health prevention co-sponsored by Sias foundation and Southwest Behavioral Health Services in America. And they have returned to Sias.  During the 4-week training, combining with their research direction and expertise,
During the winter break, a delegation of 14 Sias instructors and students paid a 7-day visit to the National University of Laos. During the visit, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department of  University of Laos and the officer in charge of the Sino-Laos affairs introduced the history and development of the university from many aspects including university operation
On November  4-8th, the 31st AUAP board meeting was hoted by Sias International University.Delegates from 16 universities of 9 countries participanted the meeting.They first took part in the Sias culture week and were highly impressed by the idea of letting students experience the exotic culture without stepping out of the school gate. During the board meeting, each participant expressed
International Culture Week 2[11/09/2011 12:00 AM]
International Culture Week 1[11/09/2011 12:00 AM]
Sias 2011 freshmen military training report-back performance and candlelight ceremony was held in the morning and evening of September 22 respectively.  
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