On Oct 21th, California Baptist University’s president Dr. Ellis, and vice presidents Dr. Wyatt and Dr. Parker paid a visit to Sias.
Lorenzina Zampedri, chairman of the board of St. John International University in Italy, and Dennis Bava, vice president of Scuola Superiore Per Mediatori Lingguistici in Italy, paid a visit to Sias on Sept.23th to Sept. 24th. Chairman Shawn Chen and President Li Haijun held meetings and banquets for these Italian guests.
A cooperative relationship between Sias and Providence University was established last year. According to the agreement, Sias will send 2 to 3 people to study in Providence University for free each year. After an overall evaluation, Sias has decided to send Yu Feng from the School of International Education and Song Xuan from the School of Foreign Language to study in Providence University this
A Grand Meeting Held at Sias[09/17/2009 12:00 AM]
 -To Celebrate the Teachers’ day and mobilize Sias to greater success
Adamson delegation visited Sias[07/26/2009 12:00 AM]
From July 19 to 23, Dr. Ragos, Vice President for Administration and Dr. Ballena, Dean of College of Nursing of Adamson University paid a visit to Sias.
On June 2nd, the inaugurating and unveiling ceremony of Sias—Fort Hays Hope primary school, which is supported by both Sias International University and Fort Hays State University, took place in its newly built schoolhouse in Xiniu Village, Houba county, Jingyou city in Sichuan province. Local government officials, the delegation headed by Doctor Hammond-- president of Fort Hays State University,
On 23, June, headed by director Jin, officers from Zhengzhou municipal PSB immigration office  came to Sias for an inspection visit.
With the delight from the 10th anniversary of Sias, we celebrated our 9th Homecoming Day on May 30th. The opening ceremony was held in the opera theater. The guest groups attending the ceremony included the women’s forum, members of the Sias foundation, a delegation from Fort Hays State University in the United States, the leaders of Sias as well as some parents and students. President Li Haijun
While celebrating its 10th anniversary, Sias International University did not forget those who have always been supportive and attentive to its growth. In order to thank them for their contributions, an award program was conducted in the Opera House at 2:30PM on May 29. Representatives from Sias Foundation and our sister American Universities, school leaders and nearly a thousand teachers and
New Dream New Journey[06/05/2009 12:00 AM]
On March 31th, 4600 Sias graduates threw their mortarboards high into the blue sky as an announcement of their graduation.
Secretary-general of Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) Dr. Ruben Umaly visited Sias on April 16th. Professor Fang, director of International Cooperation and Exchange Department(ICED) went to the airport and pick him up. As Sias is going to host the 26th AUAP conference on May 28th. Dr. Umaly inspected the venue and the other places prepared for the conference. He was very
In line with the Memorandum of Understanding on Educational Exchange and Cooperation between SIAS International University and Adamson University in Manila, Philippine, two nursing faculty members from Sias International University were on a 3-month immersion in the College of Nursing. Ms. Li Huan and Ms. Zhang Yuling stayed from January 13—March 31, 2009 to study and observe Adamson’s Nursing
On March 5, 2009, the grand opening ceremony of the 11th Annual CUBA Northwest Competition was held in the stadium of Sias International University. Presented at the ceremony were Mr. Feihexiang, Party Secretary of Sias International University; Jerrie Ueberle, President of Sias Foundation; Dr. Shawn Chen, Chairman of the Board of Sias International University; Mr.Zhangningfei, Executive President
On November 22nd, a group of 20 people, led by ICED Director Fang Wenchang, including foreign teachers, student representatives and staff from the Youth League Committee, visited the Zhengzhou Children’s Welfare Institution.
Chairman Shawn Chen and Director Fang from the International Cooperation & Exchange Department went to Dhaka, Bangladesh to attend the 25th Annual Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) Conference and the 8th AUAP Council meeting on November 7th and 8th.
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