On Oct. 2nd, the delegation from The University of Akron came to visit Sias. The delegation includes President, Dr. luis Proenza; Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Phillip Kaufmann; Provost, Dr. Beth Stroble; Vice President, Ms. Holly Harris-Bane and Director of the Office of International Programs, Dr. David Ayers.
On July 24, 2008, the University Enrollment Management Panel of Education Ministry made up by Yong Ceng, the director of Developing and Planning Department of Education Ministry and Fu Fangzheng, the director of Private Eudcation Department of Education Ministry arrived at Sias to supervise its enrollment work. Mr. Shawn Chen, President Li Haijun, Vice-President Wu Tiejun and Zhang Xinmin
         On July 16, 2008, Sias International University received its plaque and certificate for “the Most Competitive Foreign-Investment University in China” from a Chinese news evaluation center in Beijing.         This survey came from an investigation called “the Second Chinese Most
        The 15th Henan University Games of “Huaguang” sports activities ended in Anyang Institute of Technology on July 13, 2008. This year, Sias International University took part in the games ranking in Group A, Group C and Group E and gained 5 golden medals, 7 silver medals and 11 copper medals, ranking top in the medal list. Additionally, Wu
        The acting president of Adamson University, in the Philippines, Dr. Ragos and three other delegation members arrived at Sias on July 23, 2008 for their two-day exchange and visit. On the morning of July 23, the Adamson Delegation had a campus tour accompanied by some of the ICED staff and complimented the beautiful Sias campus and the outstanding
May 31th.the press conference about donating a “Hope” primary school for the disaster area which was did all together by our school and Fort Hays State University, kansas -the friendly province of Henan, was successfully held in the press conference hall of Henan Newspaper Group. On the conference, Shawn Chen, the promoter, gave some details about Sias and FHSU donating a “Hope” primary
    The press conference about donating “SIAS-FHSU” primary school to disaster area was successfully held in Zheng Zhou.
------SIAS 2008 commencement ceremoniously celebrated        SIAS hold a fancy commencement to celebrate the accomplishment of the senior students in the stadium at 6 p.m on May 31th,2008, the ceremony was presided by Li Haijun, prisdent of Sias University; Professor Zheng Lingyu, vice-president of Zhengzhou University; Dr. Edward Hammond, president of Fort Hays State University; Dr. Jeanette
Running for the Olympics[05/23/2008 12:00 AM]
More than 500 Sias International University students from all departments attended a ceremony March 21 to symbolize the opening run for the 2008 Olympic Games. During the meeting, Sias president Li Wang told the students there were 500 days left to spread the spirit of the Olympic Games throughout the country. Following his speech, the students ran around the Sias campus to show their commitment
International first swimming contest of institute then of west Asia hosted together by the general affairs department of our academy and students' union, through the fierce contention of more than two weeks, several dozen swimming top-notch players in all show one's talent, have driven on the finals boldly. At two o'clock on the the afternoon of April 13, the finals are held as scheduled in the
On April 26, 2007, about 50 student assistants and receptionists had a expanding training under the leadership of vice president Zhang, the school office director Wangwei and some others. At 10:00 am, the student assistants and receptionists arrived in the Zhengzhou Coca-Cola Beverage Co. Ltd. With the guides detailed introduction, we learned more about the company’s history, culture and
During the project of study in Germany which is organized by Electronic Information Engineering College of Sias, Xu Yi and Zhang Jiaqing are majoring in Information Management and Information Technology, and Xu Yi is in class two, Zhang Jiaqing is in class three. They have passed the interview which is organized by the German embassy in China. The ability of using German fluently is the basis
The International Horticultural Exposition of Shanghai, begun on January 17, 2007, involves more than 1500 domestic and international design companies, 800 advertising agencies, 1000 cartoon companies, and 200 professional universities and colleges. They have received delegates from five continents, including China, U.S.A., Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain, Finland, New Zealand,
Sias International University and the General Affairs Department of our academy and the Student’s Union jointly sponsored the first swimming competition on April 13th of this year. The competition was held in Sias University’s new Natatorium facility. For two weeks the best of 10 athletes were competing to determine who would deserve the honor of being the best swimmers in their category. The
Three SIAS teachers, Mr. Bikai, Mr. Heyaoxi, and Mr. Shangdeqing, have compiled and finished their eight years of research to publish two textbooks that will help students to easily understand higher mathematics concepts and help with post graduate entrance examinations. Mr Bikai and Mr. Shangdeqing have developed a linear algebra guidance study textbook and, in addition, Mr. Shangdeqing with Mr
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