Sias News, November 2018[11/30/2018 10:41 AM]
Official bilingual Sias Video News for the events in November, 2018.  
David Wicks, the dean of the business college at Saint Mary's University, along with three staff members, visited Sias International University to sign an agreement between the two universities on April 2. The Canadian university delegation was given a tour of Sias by ICED deputy director general Wang Zhong. At a later meeting, Sias President Li Hai Jun went over the international expansion and
2018 International Culture Week[11/05/2018 04:34 PM]
Sias University's 20th International Culture Week was held for 6 days, from the 29th of October to the 3rd of November, and included designated days for celebrating the cultures from different regions of the world - China Day, Asia Day, Latin America & Africa Day, Europe Day, and North America & Australia Day. The International Culture Week Finale was held on the 3rd of November.
What do you get when you mix “National Treasure,” “Indiana Jones” and “Rat Race?” You get One Polar’s outdoor climbing competition, “Go Climb a Peak.” The competition, which is similar to orienteering, featured two checkpoints on the Sias International University campus and then 10 points spread far and wide in the fields and villages behind the campus. Teams of four were all given maps
Sias News, October 2018[10/31/2018 10:32 AM]
Official bilingual Sias Video News for the events in October, 2018.  
Two instructors and one student from Sias International University completed the 2007 Toray Cup International half-marathon in Shanghai on Nov. 25. Drew Tilson paced the trio finishing the 21-kilometer course in 1 hour, 54.06 seconds. He was followed by Lyndi Milton (1:54.54) and senior Andy Chen (2:14.55). Zhao Yang of China won the men’s half-marathon in 1:05.41, and China’s Dong Xiao Qin
Sias News, September 2018[10/01/2018 10:22 AM]
Official bilingual Sias Video News for the events in August and September, 2018.  
Four against the world. OK, so it was actually four foreign teachers against a couple dozen Chinese students and teachers in the November Sias Ping Pong Tournament. The foreign faculty members of Sias International University, who are used to dominating the American-born sport of basketball, knew they were in for some stiffer competition in the Asian-dominated game of ping pong. “I think we were
Sias' annual Candlelight & Opening Ceremony was held on the evening of the 17th of September at the Track & Field Stadium. The launch of Sias' 20th Anniversary Celebrations was also held during the event.  
In order to strengthen school counselors' counseling ability, they undertook a systematic study of theoretical knowledge and skills. On March 7th, 73 counselors and the Student Affairs Department staff participated in group counseling training which was held by the Sias Student Affairs Department mental health education team and the counseling center in the Lecture Hall on the first floor of the
2018 Military Training Parade[09/19/2018 10:28 AM]
On the 17th of September, Sias International University held its annual Freshman Military Training Parade at the Track & Field Stadium.  
Five foreign teachers and 21 members of Young Business Entrepreneur Association of Sias International University visited Ju Sheng Company as part of foreign trade development project. JuSheng is the biggest curtain company at Xin Yang city and Henan Province. The Sias contingent was greeted by the Mayor, the head of Xin Yang Foreign Office, the CEO and other directors of the company. The
See You Again[06/06/2018 01:47 PM]
'See You Again'  
Instead of giving the shirts off their backs to help, Sias International University students and faculty members put shirts on their backs and raised nearly 5,000 RMB for the H20 Africa Foundation during Culture Week. There were 914 T-shirts sold during the six-day cultural festival to raise 4,590 RMB. The shirts, designed by Sias staff members, were sold during the afternoon and evening by
Jeff Jorde Memorial Video[05/25/2018 10:07 AM]
A memorial video for the late President of the Sias Foundation, Jeff Jorde.  
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