Sias News, early November 2017[11/17/2017 02:09 PM]
Official Sias Video News for the events in early November, 2017.  
Farewell Opera[05/13/2007 12:00 AM]
It’s never easy to say goodbye. After years of studying at Sias International University, the Opera Department graduates gave their farewell performance on April 29. The graduating players performed the traditional folk opera “Shangshi.” It was their final chance to perform in the Opera Education Theatre and show off how much they had learned while studying at Sias. It was an emotionally
A video about the Opening Ceremony of Sias' 19th International Culture Week and activities and events thereafter on 'China Day'  
Sick of constant studying? Tired of intense relationships? Want to relax for a while? Well, this was the week for you. May holiday: no classes, no assignments, no activities, just free time. Time for traveling, shopping, or just plain relaxing? However, not everyone jumped on a train to Wuhan or Chengdu. Some students stayed at Sias International University and enjoyed the solitude. The typically
SIas News, October 2017[10/30/2017 11:29 AM]
Official bilingual Sias Video News for the events in October, 2017.  
Honorary Chairman visits Sias[04/28/2007 12:00 AM]
The Honorary Chairman of Kuomintang Lian Zhan and his wife, Fangyu, visited Sias International University on April 19 as part of the ancestor worship ceremony to honor the Yellow Emperor. Sias University founder, Dr. Shawn Chen, welcomed them and gave them a campus tour. Lian and his wife spoke highly of the college. “Sias’ landscape is really impressive. I love it,” Lian Fangyu said. After
Sias News, September 2017[09/15/2017 03:23 PM]
Official bilingual Sias Video News for the events in late August, and early September, 2017.  
Four students of the Sias International University Opera Department and a teacher are visiting several sites in the United States including Western Connecticut State University, which sent students to visit Sias last year. In order to make this trip more successful, they made full use of their time to improve their oral English. They were trained by some foreign teachers and made great progress.
Sias News, June 2017[06/13/2017 09:45 AM]
Official bilingual Sias Video News for the events in late May and early June, 2017.  
Sixteen students will represent Sias International University at the USASF 2007 Cheer and Dance Worlds in Orlando, Florida on April 21-22. The students leave April 20 for a 14-day tour of the United States. Their first stop will be Orlando, where they will compete at Walt Disney World against other universities from around the world. They will then travel to Los Angeles, California for several
Sias News, April 2017[05/02/2017 10:47 AM]
Official bilingual Sias Video News for the events in late-April, 2017.  
Sias hosts job fair[04/12/2007 12:00 AM]
The second Sias International University job fair was held in Jordan Hall on March 31. There were 173 businesses from inside and outside the Henan Province at the fair. It was a chance for the Sias student to meet potential employers and apply for a job before graduating this year.
Sias News, March 2017[04/12/2017 09:42 AM]
The official bilingual Sias Video News covering events in March, 2017.  
Good reviews for Drama Day[04/02/2007 12:00 AM]
The Foreign Language Department of Sias International University put on some wonderful dramatic performances on March 28. The actors and actresses wore both very funny clothes and scary masks, imagining they were on a real stage and not in the classroom. They worked hard so that their judges and audience would enjoy the evening. The students used their rich imaginations to rewrite original Chinese
Sias News, November 2016[11/14/2016 04:33 PM]
The official Sias Video News for the events in October and early November, 2016.   
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