Thursday, July 9 – On the 9th of July, Sias University organized over 20 buses to various examination centers to escort students appearing for the 2020 Junior College-to-Undergraduate Examinations. The Coronavirus pandemic had delayed the examination by a month.   Sias mobilized staff from various departments, including the Administration Office, Academic Affairs Office,
Friday, July 3 – Sias University held a 2020 Summer Admissions Promotion Mobilization Conference on the 3rd of July. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng, Executive President, Wang Jialin, Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, Vice President, Zhao Yuxin, Vice President, Xu Shengdao, and Prof. Guo Junfeng, attended the conference.
Friday, July 3 – On the 2nd of July, the Deputy Director of the Higher Education Department at the Henan Department of Education, Ji Shuangli; the Director of the Science & Education Department at the Henan Health Commission, Liu Guiping; the Director of the Rehabilitation Department at the 5th Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Guo Ganghua; and the Director of the
Thursday, July 2 – On the 1st of July, Sias University's Student Affairs Office held a meeting to review the work of the General Office of the Residential Colleges for the 2019/20 academic year. The Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, and Vice President, Xu Shengdao, were present at the meeting along with leaders and representatives of the Party Committees at
Wednesday, July 1 - In commemoration of the 99th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Henan Party Committee's University Working Committee organized the selection and commendation of excellent Party members and advanced grass-roots Party organizations in universities and colleges in 2020.   Based on the actual performance of grass-roots organizations
Wednesday, July 1 – Sias University held the 10th National Undergraduate E-Commerce 'Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship' Challenge Competition's campus selection on the 30th of June. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the selection for the Competition, with teachers and students conducting professional exchanges, was held online (Tencent Conference). A total of 21
Wednesday, July 1 – The 'China Science Cup' organized by the Library and Information Committee of Henan Universities and Colleges, and co-sponsored by China Science & Technology Software Education Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd., was held recently. The competition focuses on the employment skills of university students.   The questions in the competition were
Monday, June 29 – Sias University's Kansas International Institute (KII) held an online summer camp for students in preparation for their American courses in the upcoming academic year. The summer camp was planned and implemented by Sias' partner school, Fort Hays State University, in Kansas, USA. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, the President of Fort
Wednesday, June 17 – Sias University held a Network Information Security Training Meeting on the 17th of June to improve the network information security protection and emergency response capacity of the university, along with the security awareness of the IT security staff. The meeting was held at the administration building. Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng, Deputy Party Secretary, Li
2020 Graduation Ceremony[06/17/2020 03:52 PM]
Wednesday, June 17 – Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students of the graduating class of 2020 were not able to attend their graduation ceremony, as is the tradition at Sias University. As a result of the restrictions, Sias held a Cloud Graduation Ceremony for the graduating class of 2020 on the 17th of June. The Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Shawn Chen; Sias Party Secretary, Ma
Monday, June 15 – The Central China Division of 3rd National College Enterprise Value Creation Competition was held (online) on the 13th and 14th of June. Nearly 1,000 teams from over 200 colleges and universities across China took part, including Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, Jiangxi University of Finance & Economics, Nanchang University, Shandong University of
Monday, June 15 – Sias University held an enrollment promotion meeting in the administration building on the 15th of June. Vice President, Xu Shengdao, and the heads of the Admissions Office, and the admissions offices of all the academic schools and residential colleges attended the meeting.   At the meeting, the heads of the Kansas International Institute (KII), School of
Thursday, June 11 – A delegation from the Zhengzhou Railway Vocational & Technical College, including the Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, Xie Qian, and 6 other individuals, visited Sias University on the 10th of June. The delegation was met by Sias Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, Vice President, Xu Shengdao, and the heads of the Party
Thursday, June 11 – Sias University's Kansas International Institute (KII) held an online lecture titled, 'Case Analysis of Online Classroom Design during the Covid-19 Pandemic', by Dr. Li Ming on the 10th of June. The lecture aimed to provide teachers with new methods of online teaching to improve the effect of online classroom teaching with the background and restrictions
Wednesday, June 10 – Sias University's School of Education held a Postgraduate Entrance Examination commendation meeting on the 9th of June, 2020. The Dean of the School of Education, the Deputy Party Secretary, and the Teachers' Representative were in attendance.   At the meeting, the Deputy Party Secretary read out the list of students who been successful in the
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