Friday, September 25 – Sias University's School of Accounting held a Mobilization Conference for the 2021 postgraduate entrance examination on the 24th of September. Students from the 3rd and 4th years (Juniors and Seniors) interested in the postgraduate entrance examination attended the conference. Prof. Zhang Gongfu from the Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics was invited to the
Thursday, September 24 – Sias University's annual Freshman Choral Competition was held on the 23rd of September. The theme of the competition was based on the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, including the importance of education and the necessity of following the guidelines during the pandemic. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, was present at the
Wednesday, September 23 – The opening ceremony of Sias University's 21st Student Debate Competition was held on the 22nd of September. The competition is sponsored by the Communist Youth League, and the university's Chinese Language Debate Team. The Secretary of the Communist Youth League, Ding Yi, and the Deputy Party Secretary of Zhiyuan Residential College, Gu Jiahui, attended
Wednesday, September 23 – The 11th Seminar on Brand Competitiveness in Higher Education in Henan, and Awards Ceremony of the 'Yellow River Education Award', sponsored by Henan Daily, was held on the afternoon of the 22nd of September, in Zhengzhou. Sias Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, attended the seminar along with staff from the Sias Communist Party Committee. Sias
Wednesday, September 23 – Sias University's Security Office and Academic Affairs Office jointly launched the freshman military training for over 8,000 freshmen on the 22nd of September.   A Lecturer in Fire Safety and Education in Henan, Wang Yanwei, and the Directory of the Security Department of Henan Fire Protection Committee, Bian Liang, along with Wang Huan and Jia
Tuesday, September 22 – From the 31st of August to the 20th of September, over 11,000 freshmen from across China came to Sias University to begin their life at university. With the normalization of life after the prevention and control of the Coronavirus pandemic, Sias' IT Management Center introduced a mobile phone app to help freshmen with their registration for the 2020/21 academic
Tuesday, September 22 – Sias Vice President, Xu Shengdao, accompanied by the Head of the Military Training Corps, Dao Zai, and the Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office, and Executive Vice President of the General Office of the Residential Colleges, Bai Meng, visited teachers and students involved in the military training, on the 22nd of September.   Xu Shengdao
Friday, September, 18 – Sias University held the opening ceremony of its 11th Internet Culture Festival & Cyber Security Promotion Month in the Italian Square on campus. The festival and promotional activities are held to increase internet security awareness among teachers and students. This involves the sharing of cyber security knowledge, the improvement of cyber security skills,
Friday, September 19 – In commemoration of the 89th anniversary of the September 18th Incident, also known as the Mukden Incident, Sias University held a flag-raising ceremony on the morning of the 18th of September. Sias Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, attended the ceremony, as did the heads of the Department of Learning & Work, Communist Youth League, academic schools, and
Thursday, September 17 – Sias University held a special meeting for evaluating undergraduate teaching qualifications on the 16th of September in the Library. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, and Sias Vice President, Zhao Yuxin, attended the meeting. The heads of the Education Administration & Scientific Research Department, Teaching Quality Monitoring
Thursday, September 17 – Sias University held a 2021 Postgraduate Entrance Examination Mobilization Meeting on the 16th of September, in the Lecture Hall of the Library. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, was present along with the heads of the Academic Affairs Office, the General Office of the Residential Colleges, Zhixing Residential College, Boya Residential
Thursday, September 17 – On the 16th of September, Sias University's School of Business held a forum for their new teachers. The Dean, Gao Youcai, the Party Secretary, Zhu Haitao, the Vice Dean, Wang Yanpeng, and Outstanding Teachers' Representative, Wei Peimei, met with the 16 new teachers at the forum. Zhu Haitao presided over the forum.   At the meeting, the new
Thursday, September 17 – At the Logo Design Competition at the Liaoning Provincial Library Society, Tang Tianci from Sias' School of Art & Design won an award for excellence, and Gao Yulong, Mo Ruifei, and Yi Yuchen's works were selected for the exhibition. The Sias Library won the 'Excellent Organization Award'.   The Logo Design Competition at the
Wednesday, September 16 – Sias University held the 2021 Graduate Employment & Entrepreneurship Mobilization Conference on the 15th of September at the Basketball Arena. The Mobilization Conference was held to address issues with employment for the 2021 graduating class brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, and to guide them in getting the right perspective with regard to career
Wednesday, September 16 – The project by Zheng Lifen, Wang Yanpeng, and Shi Fang of Sias' School of Business, 'Number Theory Education - Investigation Report on Online Education During the Epidemic in Colleges and Universities in Henan' won the 2nd prize in the final of the 10th National University Students' Market Research & Analysis Competition (Zhengda Cup). &
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