Student Life

Life is Better on Campus

The International student dormitory lies at the center of campus, at the end of European Street. Surrounded by shops, grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment settings, the international students can enjoy the privacy of their own apartments while having direct access to and being completely immersed in the hub of campus life. Each apartment has a living area, bedroom and en suite Western bathroom. All rooms are furnished with twin beds, study desks, chairs, and clothes wardrobe. Reading room, activity room, and study room are available at the first floors of International student dormitory. Heat, air conditioning, and high-speed Internet access, are among the many conveniences offered to our International students.


Sias is a gated and secure campus with well-lit sidewalks and roads. 24/7 security guards help ensure the safety of our students and campus. There is a clinic available on European Street to provide immediate medical care for any illness. If necessary, emergency care can be provided by the towns main hospital, a 10-minute drive from the Sias campus. Students are required to have basic medical and life insurance during their study in China.


Campus Culture

Many international interest groups are hosted in English and offer good opportunities for international students to get involved at a leadership level as well as bring their culture and expertise to campus, including Culture Week, movie nights, excursions to local museums, and celebration of traditional festivals. Students can choose from over 100 social clubs, student organizations and intramural sports events.

Out and About
International students have the unique opportunity to join our international faculty on cultural and historic trips that are scheduled throughout the year.


Sias typically offers several days or weekend trips every semester for our international students to experience more of central Chinas cultural heritage.

What's New

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