International Program

Sias University offers a rare opportunity in central China where students can take advantage of Chinese traditional culture and the broad variety of academic programs. There are many academic programs tailored to meet the needs of todays students living and competing in a global environment. These are:


1. Chinese Bachelors Degree Program
2. American Bachelors Degree Program
3. The Chinese Literature and Culture Certificate Program


Each path of the programs has its own prerequisites, core courses, and graduation requirements. The hybrid American-Chinese model Sias has developed attracts students worldwide who are looking for the benefits of experiencing Chinese culture while receiving American education with affordable tuition and low living costs.


1. Chinese Bachelors Degree Program

Sias offers 35 undergraduate degree majors in a variety of disciplines including liberal arts, business management, computer science, economics, international trade, electronic engineering, fine arts, modern language, law science, nursing, architecture, music and performing art, Chinese studies, and physical education.

This is a standard four-year program. To achieve a Sias bachelors degree, student must complete all the credit hours across specified disciplines.


2. American Bachelors Degree Program

Beginning in the fall of 2000, Sias University and Fort Hays State University (Kansas) began a partnership to provide American accredited bachelors degrees in China for fluent Chinese speaking student. This degree program is now also being extended to include English Speaking student who speak English as a second language or as native language by having all necessary courses delivered in English.

Sias has been approved to issue the following Fort Hays State University American degrees:
B.A. in Organizational Leadership
B.S. in Information, Networking, and Telecommunication
B.B.A. in Management


3. The Chinese Language and Culture Certificate Program

The Chinese Literature and Culture Certificate Program is designed for International students. This program provides a Language Firsteducational experience for those seeking to expand their knowledge of ancient and contemporary China in the fields of language, humanities, arts, and even traditional medicine. From a single semester to multi-year programs, students could choose a specialization from three available program tracks: Language, History and Culture, or Traditional Arts.


The Language Certificate Track is comprised of 120 credit hours of language study over 6 semesters. There are three levels of Chinese language study: Fundamental Chinese Language (40 credit hours), Intermediate Chinese Language (40 credit hours), and Advanced Chinese Language (40 credit hours).


The History and Culture Track includes 12 credit hours of history and culture elective courses on top of 36 credit hours of language study to make 48 credit hours of study for 2 semesters.


The Traditional Arts Track consists of 12 credit hours of arts elective courses and 36 credit hours of Chinese language courses to be covered in 2 semesters.


Alternatively, students can create their own program from the core courses Sias offers or even model their track around their home institutions needs. Regardless of your current Chinese language level or study objectives in China, Sias will help you maximize your experience here and prepare you for a global profession.


The credit hours earned from the Chinese Literature and Culture Certificate Programs are transferable to the studentshome educational institutions. Students are recommended to check with their home university for credit equivalency. The Chinese language courses in the Chinese Studies Certificate Programs can also help the students to pass the national HSK Chinese language level exams. Additional HSK exam preparation courses are also offered independently. The HSK is the official Chinese language Proficiency Exam for non-native Chinese speakers. There are three levels of the HSK, and successful passage is used for verifying your professional Chinese language abilities in China.


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