Frequently Asked Questions about Family Life

1. Would you recommend newly weds or married couples teaching at here?
Yes. My wife and I came two months after getting married. The teaching schedule allows you to see your spouse 10 hours a day instead of 2 hours a day like back in the States.


2. What is family housing like?
Currently a new family housing building is being erected. The goal is for it to be finished in by August, but may not be done until much later.

The family housing will be designed with families in mind (bigger rooms, playground, kitchens). More details coming.


3. What are the schooling options for children?
There are currently nine families with children and seventeen married couples at Sias. Currently there are about 8 children under 10 and 8 between 10 and 19.

Do you have Children ages 3-5? You can send them to Sias International Kindergarten.
You can send them all day (literally). It opens at 8 and serve the children breakfast. All the Classes are in Chinese taught by Chinese teachers except for the 30 minutes that I teach English in each class. They have 4 classes the 3 year old's are divided into 2 classes 3-3 1/2 and those that are 3 1/2 but not yet 4 are in the second class. There is also a class for 4 year old's and a class for 5 year old's. Each class has between 20-25 students and 2 teachers per classroom and one helper

Classes start at 8:30. They have a break from 10-10:30 then another 35 minutes of classes. Lunch is served at 11:05 followed by outside playtime. Followed by nap time from 12-2. Then they have music, art or watch a movie. Another break/playtime is from 3:30-3:50 which is followed by dinner and parents begin arriving at 4:30 to pick them up. Chris and Yuki send their daughter to the kindergarten. They only send their daughter until lunch because of the School that was started this year for the children of Foreign Faculty.

You are required to pay for the meals they eat at the kindergarten, for books and the bedding(if they stay for nap time). However, you do not need to pay the 800 yuan per month that the other students pay to attend. Shawn Chen has waived the fee for all foreign teachers. If you want your children to learn Chinese and learn Chinese culture and make Chinese friends it is a great place to send them.

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