Frequently Asked Questions about Medical

1. What kind of shape do I need to be in?
You will need to be able to climb a few flights of stairs on your own (elevators are not standard in buildings under 6 stories) and be able to walk around a college campus. There is an elevator for our apartment buildings and the administration building.


2. Do I need to get shots before I leave?
Our best advice is for you to contact your doctor to be sure that all your shots are up-to-date and talk about other immunization options. Many doctors will not know first hand what immunizations are recommended for extended travel to China. A great resource for your doctor is the United States Center for Disease Control website. ( ) You might even want to take a copy of their recommendations to your doctor's appointment.


3. What are the hospitals and medicine like?
The university has an on-campus clinic for minor illness and injury. It is convenient and employs doctors, nurses, and student translators. For any conditions which require additional resources, there is a local hospital in town as well as a regional hospital about an hour away. If you are currently taking medications, we suggest that you bring at least a year's supply with you.


4. Do I get insurance?
The university provides reimbursement for basic clinical medical visits, but does not provide extensive coverage or emergency traveler's insurance. Such insurance can be obtained through companies like MultiNational Underwriters.( We recommend that you look into an additional personal coverage program if you do not already have one. Your home insurance may have an option to add coverage abroad.

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