Frequently Asked Questions about Requirements and Applying

1. I'm married. Are both spouses required to teach?
Both spouses certainly can teach if they individually meet all the requirements, apply, and are accepted. But, it is not necessary that both husband and wife teach. If one spouse teaches and the other does not, there are certain fees charged by the host university to cover living expenses for the non-teaching spouse. For example, the cost of the non-teaching spouses visa, Chinese physical exam, and airfare. As well, the non-teaching spouse is required to pay approximately 400 yuan per month for meals. Charges and rates are subject to change. If you find yourself in this situation, call us for current information.


2. Do I need to have teaching experience?
No! We do not require prior teaching experience, as long as you are able to demonstrate commitment to a team and general academic competence. Our goal is to put quality people on site who are willing to learn, are excited to experience a new culture, and will demonstrate a servant's heart. We are looking for team players who will be flexible and adaptable. In addition, we offer a new teacher training program and have a mentor teacher on site to help prepare you for the classroom.


3. What are the financial commitments?
The cost for the extensive, professional training is as little as $1,500. There are several training options depending upon your circumstances. This money will cover three weeks of room and board, language/culture training, team building activities, and visits from cross-cultural experts while you are in China. Keep in mind this training is optional, but highly encouraged.

Your salary in China is enough to cover your expenses while you are in China. We have many who are able to save $3-$4,000 during their 10 months in China. Make contingency plans early to prepare for your 2 months during the summer where you do not have a salary from the university.


4. What level of education must I have?
You must possess a minimum of a four-year bachelor's degree. Some institutions award a three-year bachelor's degree (for example many schools in Canada), but this does not meet the minimum educational requirements established by the host university.


5. What are the age limits?
Because of the difficulty of obtaining work permits for both very young and retired applicants, the university suggests applicants be between 22 and 60 years old.


6. What are the dates for the program?
Your contract begins in August and runs through mid June. Exact dates fluctuate based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar.


7. How long does the application process take?
That depends upon how quickly you can put together and turn in a completed application package. The interview process is usually completed in a few days. We begin to hire new faculty February 1st. So, starting February 1st ( you could be accepted in less than a week if you turn in your paperwork quickly.


8. How do I apply? When is the application due?
Getting started is as simple as giving us a call. Or, you can send in your resume and we will contact you. We will continue to accept applications and conduct interviews until all the spots are filled. Most of the hiring will occur between February and May.

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