A Well Prepared Job-Hunter Succeeds First

On the evening of Sept. 5, 2012, Sias held the Employment Mobilization Meeting for 2013 Graduates in the stadium. Mr. Liu Qingde, vice chairman of theShuanghui Group; Mr. Chen Xiaolong, General Manager of Henan YudaHouse Transaction Co., Ltd.; Mr. Song Nan, General Manager of theYuda Hotel in Zhengzhou; school leaders; and all the 2013 graduates attended the meeting.

Dr. Shawn Chen first delivered a speech. He said that the competition in the current professional world was very fierce, so only if all the students make adequate preparation, can they hunt for a good job. He also analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of students working and pursuing a master’s degree.

Then Mr. Liu Qingde Spoke highly of their employees who graduated from Sias and gave two pieces of advice to the would-be graduates: have a positive mood in the work and do not be afraid of hardships.

Mr. Chen Xiaolong also helped students understand the severe economic situation and the different employment rates in the different fields. He encourages students to know their own abilities, examining this with their major to help them look for and finally choose a job.

Finally, vice president Mr. Dong Qiming concluded the speeches delivered by all the guests. He said that he hoped that all the students would cherish their last year in college,acquire more useful knowledge, and find an ideal job after graduation.

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