The Candle Ignites Every Freshman's Longing for the University Life

On Sept.20, 2012, Sias held the 2012 Opening Ceremony & Candlelight Ceremony at the track. Dr. Zheng Qiang, the President of Guizhou University, Dr.Alan Brown, the President of the Sias Foundation, Ms.Jerrie Ueberle, the President of Global Interactions, Inc. (USA) and other city leaders and school leaders attended the ceremony.

Through a selection game, several lucky student representatives from different academic schools receivedthe chance to have a lunch with the chairman, Dr. Shawn Chen.This was followed by a memorable and deeply moving video which highlighted the freshmen’s military training life. Then Dr. Shawn Chen jogged up to the stage with the symbolic torch of knowledge, passing it to a student who ran around the venue while teachers started lighting the candles of those around them.

Then Dr. Shawn Chen introduced all the guests and welcomed the 2012 freshmen. He also briefly introduced the East-Meets-West school operation philosophy and said that he wished that all the students could make good use of the resources at Sias to improve themselves. Dr. Shawn Chen’s speech was followed by speeches given by Dr. Zheng Qiang, Dr. Alan Brown and Mr. Wu Dingjun, representative of the 2012 freshmen.

After the award ceremony, the many colorful and energetic performances delighted and entertained the audience. The whole ceremony finally ended with an amazing display of fireworks which lit up the sky.






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