Sias Organizes the Closing Ceremony of the 8th Annual College Students Reading Festival

On the evening of Nov.7, 2012, Sias held the closing ceremony of the 8th Annual College Students Reading Festival in the Opera House. The following people were in attendance: Mr. Cui Bo, the director of the College Students Reading Committee, Mr. Guan Yongchang, the vice party secretary of the Zhengzhou University library, Dr. Shawn Chen, the chairman of the board, Mr. Fei Hexiang, the party secretary of Sias International University, Mr. Wu Tiejun, the executive vice president of Sias International University, and Mr. Xiao Yunlong, the supervisor of Sias International University.

Dr. Shawn Chen said organizing the Reading Festival was really helpful for students to develop good study habits, and he was hopeful that every student could form a good habit of reading. Mr. Cui Bo stressed that reading plays an essential role in promoting culture in the 21st century and, like Dr. Shawn Chen, also encouraged students to make reading a part of their study. Then Mr. Fei Hexiang stated that the 8th Reading Festival was really successful, and that he wished students could achieve their goals early by reading.

Finally, Mr. Wu Tiejun announced the winners, both students and organizations, from the Reading Festival activities while other leaders distributed the prizes. A performance that followed gave the audience a visual feast.

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