Sias Holds the Opening Ceremony & Signing Ceremony of Sias Sino-US Startups Incubation Center

On Nov.3rd, 2012, Sias organized the Opening Ceremony & Signing Ceremony of the China-US Startup Incubation Center. Many international guests, school leaders and more than 100 students attended the ceremony.


Established by Sias International University and Amidi Group (USA), Sias Sino-US Startups Incubation Center aims to offer funds and entrepreneurship training for entrepreneurs to start businesses, enhance the cooperation between Chinese and foreign companies, and accelerate the process of internationalization of Chinese high-tech industry. Through providing the capital, the technology, the market, human resources and the law services, which the newly started companies are in great need, the center is committed to help the companies quickly grow. Its final goal is to bring the same the operating mode to 20—30 main universities.


When asked why he established the center, Dr. Shawn Chen said, currently the Chinese economy has developed into a critical period, when the advantage of demographic dividend and resource dividend has passed. Therefore there is a gap in who should be relied upon to direct the development of China. The incubation center serves as a place to fill that gap. Nowadays, many social aspects affect the innovation of Chinese, such as low salaries, environmental problems, population quality and education. But after some people go abroad, they change their perspective and make a difference. Sias is an east-meets-west university, innovation and borrowing ideas from others are its development strategy. This time, the introduction of the well-known U.S. venture company’s operating model and the operational skills of its incubation centers provide a platform for Chinese people to innovate and start businesses. With action and efforts, companies like Google and Apple may exist in China in the future, which could greatly contribute to the development of China.

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