Sias Organizes a Welcome Party for the 8th Student Assistant Team of School Leaders

On the evening of Nov. 19, 2012, Sias organized a welcome party for the 8th Student Assistant Team of School Leaders. All the school leaders, directors of related departments, and all the members of the student assistant team attended the party.

Mr. Fei Hexiang, the party secretary of Sias International University, first awarded certificates for the “2011-2012 Excellent Student Assistant” winners. Then Mr. Wu Hua, the director of the university office, awarded certificates for the “2011-2012 Excellent Administration Assistant” winners. Finally, Mr. Li Haijun, the president of Sias International University, announced the appointment decisions for “The 8thStudent Assistant Team for School Leaders” and “Student Administration Team”, and finished by issuing the letters of appointment to the students.

The performance that followed gave all the attendees an opportunity to enjoy a delightful experience. The song sung by Dr. Shawn Chen and his student assistants was the climax of the whole performance.

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