2013 Commencement

May 26th ,Sias held the 2013 Commencement in the stadium. School leaders and guests from both home and abroad attended the Commencement. The guests included Dr. Edward Hammond, president of Fort Hays State University, Dr. Alan Brown, president of Sias Foundation, Ms Jerrie Ueberle, President of Global Interactions, Inc. (USA), Dr.Jonathan Overpeck, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner and professor of Geological Science and Atmospheric Science of University of Arizona, Dr. Ann Lee, author and professor of the New York University, Dr. Robert Lykins, member of the American Higher Education Committee, Mr. Chen Yichu, formal vice president of the CPPCC, Dr. Song Maoping, vice president of the Zhengzhou University, and our school leaders attended the ceremony. Mr. Dong Qiming, vice president of Sias University, hosted the ceremony.

The ceremony began with the Chinese and American anthems. Dr. Shawn Chen introduced the guests and delivered an opening speech. In the speech, he thanked and gave good wishes to all the teaching faculty and students. He hoped all the graduates can persevere, study for lifelong time and be creative.

Then the speech by Dr. Song Maoping, Dr. Edward Hammond, Dr. Alan Brown,Dr. Ann Lee, Dr. Jonathan Overpeck, teacher and student representatives were followed. They all congratulated the graduates and withed they can seize the chance to make a difference.

In the awarding ceremony, many excellent graduates got prizes for their four years hard work here. The last announcement of the graduation is the climax of the whole ceremony. The end of this day may mean the end of the college years, but also means the beginning of their new lives.

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