President's Welcome Message to the new students

Welcome Message from the President


A very warm welcome to Sias International University. Welcome to Sias! At Sias, you will have an enjoyable, unforgettable and rewarding learning journey in one of the most beautiful campuses in China, where the innovative, vibrant and dynamic Sias culture and the modern facilities provide an environment for education quality. You will often hear talk of a unique "Sias experience".In fact, there are a number of hallmarks and distinctiveness that we believe that are underpinning directly to what that special Sias learning experience is all about. In a short span of15 years of time,Sias team has built a highly focused and successful university which delivers excellence in teaching, research, employability, entrepreneurship and innovation aligned with the local and international demand of the social and economic need in an era of globalization.


East meets West:Sias is genuinely bilingual campus, where Chinese students meet international students, and an innovation lab for ideas, critical thinking, imagination, innovation and implementation, the better the ideas and the greater the learning. We ask students to investigate new worlds and to look at familiar problems from fresh perspectives. We help students to develop their entrepreneurial and innovative skills so as enable them to become a full-fledged global competitor. 


Student-Centeredness:Students are at the heart of everything we do. We value close faculty-student interaction, high standards for students, and a supportive living-learning environment. The most important outcome inSias arestudent employability, the entrepreneurial and innovative skills and student success. Faculty and staff practice a variant of the golden rule: treat students the way you would want your own family members to be treated; supporting them and guiding their goals and aspirations; having a keen interest in their success and showing them the importance and wonders of a comprehensive and holistic education.


Quality of education:We take pride in delivering quality of education and value for money.

Quality is the ultimate hallmark at Sias:We seek to achieve the highest academic standards and quality of teaching and learning, always striving to be better, never settling for being "good enough". Measures of our success include our strong academic ambience, challenging academic and vibrantenvironment and our strong track record of excellence in teaching, research, internalization, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Technology enhanced learning:We provide a state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities and environment in our classrooms, seminar room, labs and library. Building upon these excellent facilities and learning technology, our students are able to contribute immediately in the workplace and in graduate programs.


Inspiring environment:The immense beauty of our world-class campus provides an inspirational environment for the entire Sias community. The attractiveness and cleanliness of the indoor and outdoor environments is a matter of special pride and a pride of place. The campus will always be a work in progress, such as, English Corners, Learning Centers, etc., and we are forever responsible for the creation and maintenance of anopen, comfortable, beautiful, and inspiring place to study, work, live and visit.


Global and local engagement:We are fully accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education, known asenterprising innovation university. Our mission is not only to develop our students into global citizens but also serve as an economic, social, and cultural catalyst in Henan Province and beyond. We integrate teaching, research, innovation and internationalization for the benefit of both our students and the region we serve. For our friends and supporters, an investment into the university is an investment into the future of Henan Province, China and its people.


First solely American-owned university:Siasis distinctive for its clear commitment to a liberal and broad-based education. We are well-positioned and linked in China and US, which provides good opportunities for student internship, experiences and employability.


I look forward to seeing you soon


Very best wishes



Professor Richard. Li Hua



The President of SIAS International University, Professor Richard. Li Hua has more than 30 years of leadership experience in academia and industry between West and East, including China, UK, US and Canada. His cross-disciplinary teaching and research cover strategic management, innovation management, technology strategy and international technology transfer, innovation and internationalization of global higher education. In the meantime, he is Professor of Strategic Management and Leadership and he holds degrees across three disciplines: BA in English Language and Literature; MA in Building Economics and Construction Management and PhD in Technology Management. If you wish to learn more about him, please click here.

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