Sias Founder is New AUAP President

Wednesday, November 19 - Dr. Shawn Chen, the founder of Sias International University, attended and chaired the 37th board meeting of the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) in Tehran, Iran. The meeting was hosted by the University of Tehran.


The 37th board meeting, which was also the 11th plenary session, was on "Knowledge-sharing, and Promoting the Sustainable Development of the Asia-Pacific". Dr. Shawn Chen, who was made the new President of the AUAP at the ceremony, laid out a new plan for the sessions ahead. He spoke about the achievements and problems, and put forward new ideas and prospects for the development of the AUAP. Subsequently, the AUAP elected a new Vice President and Secretary General, and issued certificates of appointment.


Dr. Shawn Chen also went to the Islamic Azad University, and made a special trip to the University of Isfahan (Esfahan University) to sign a memorandum of agreement to negotiate possible student exchange programs with Sias, and to set up preliminary cooperation between the two schools.


As Dr. Shawn Chen was elected to be the President of the AUAP, it further expands the international influence of Sias, while creating favorable conditions for student enrolment in the future.


The AUAP’s 25th anniversary celebrations, and annual meeting, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on July 26, 2015.





















The 37th board meeting of the AUAP



































Dr. Shawn Chen, the new President of the AUAP






















Dr. Shawn Chen taking over as the President of the AUAP






















Dr. Shawn Chen being presented with a contribution award






















Representatives of member universities of the AUAP






















Board members of the AUAP






















Dr. Shawn Chen and the Chairman of the University of Tehran exchange gifts






















Dr. Shawn Chen interacts with local university presidents

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