Sias wins U.S.-China Outstanding Contribution Award

Saturday, February 7 - Sias International University was felicitated at the third ‘U.S.-China Outstanding Contribution Awards’ held in Shanghai. Dr. Shawn Chen, founder and Chairman of the board of Sias, and Dr. Alan Brown, President of the Sias Foundation, accepted the award for Sias International University.


The awards have been established to recognize people in China and the United States for their outstanding contributions in the fields of politics, diplomacy, finance, commerce and trade, culture and arts, media, and science and technology, with a view to improving bilateral relations. The U.S.-China Outstanding Contribution Award is an initiative of prominent and visionary Chinese and Americans who are in support of bilateral friendship and are devoted to the promotion of peaceful coexistence and development. The award ceremony is conducted and supervised by the U.S. China Business Association, and is free from the influence of any government, political parties, organizations, media, or public opinions in its process of nomination, selection, voting and confirmation. The awards were broadcast live by CCTV International News. To view a video of the CCTV highlights of the awards, click here.


Dr. Shawn Chen, who was one of the keynote speakers, said, “We need more higher education cooperation between the two countries. We all know that the U.S. has been very advanced in higher education, so if we can learn, and if we can work together, it will definitely help China.” He also said that innovation was a decisive factor in world economic and technological competition, and while innovative talents were the driving force behind this, innovation in education was the key to cultivating creative talents. And so, training these talents with an innovative spirit and ability will reform education around the world. Consequently, strengthening innovation education would be vital for the creation of an innovation-oriented country.
Jack Gao, Senior Vice President of News Corp. (also a guest professor at Sias), and Jillian Manus were the other keynote speakers. Brian McElroy, the President of the US-China Business Association, congratulated the winners, and hoped that in the future both sides could strengthen exchanges, deepen cooperation, and make more contributions to the Sino-US friendship.


The winners come from a variety of fields, and this year’s recipients of the award included Jack Ma, founder and Executive Chairman of the Alibaba Group, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former U.S. National Security Adviser, ex-NBA star Yao Ming, cardiologist Dr. Zhou Yiwen, and Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village.

Previous winners of the award include former U.S. President, James Carter, former U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, international Kung Fu movie star, Jackie Chan, Senior Vice President of News Corp., Jack Gao, and former chairman and CEO of American International Group, Maurice Greenberg.


This award fully affirms the ethos of Sias International University and its contribution to Sino-U.S. exchanges, and enhances its image and gives it international recognition. It also shows the strides made, and direction in which Sias is heading as part of its future development.























 The third 'U.S.-China Outstanding Contribution Awards’ in Shanghai























Dr. Shawn Chen, founder, and Chairman of the Board of Sias























'U.S.-China Outstanding Contribution Awards’ 






















Dr. Shawn Chen, speaking with ex-NBA star Yao Ming before the awards ceremony

































Dr. Shawn Chen, with the Executive Vice Chairman of the US-China Business Association, Colin Wu


































Dr. Shawn Chen, with legendary artist Jim Leedy

































Winner of the previous 'U.S.-China Outstanding Contribution Awards,’ martial arts superstar Jackie Chan sent his congratulations to the current winners in a video

































Brian McElroy, President of the US-China Business Association

































Colin Wu, Executive Vice Chairman of the US-China Business Association

































Dr. Shawn Chen and Dr. Alan Brown received the award for Sias International University

































Jack Gao, Senior Vice President of News Corp., and guest professor at Sias, also received an award

































Ex-NBA star, Yao Ming, receiving his award
















































Pianist, Giovanni Marradi, performed at the awards

































Jack Gao, Senior Vice President of News Corp., delivered a speech

































Jillian Manus gave a speech entitled 'Investing in Zero Waste Economy'























Dr. Shawn Chen, Chairman of the Board of Sias, delivered the keynote speech entitled 'Sino-American education and international education innovation'

































Winners of the third 'U.S.-China Outstanding Contribution Awards'























 Dr. Shawn Chen, speaking with guests at the awards 



























 Dr. Shawn Chen, speaking with guests at the awards























Dr. Shawn Chen, with other guests 

































Dr. Shawn Chen, presented Brian McElroy, President of the US-China Business Association, with a gift from Sias

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