Sias Founder Commended at Conferences in Romania

Tuesday, May 19th - Sias Founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Shawn Chen, was invited to the “5th Annual International Conference of the Global Advancement of Universities and Colleges,” and the “10th Edition of The International Conference on European Integration Realities and Perspectives.” Dr. Chen was awarded an honorary doctorate, and delivered the keynote speech on ‘Educational Innovation.’ The conferences were held at Danubius University, in Galați, Romania.


Dr. Shawn Chen was awarded an honorary doctorate by Danubius University in recognition of his significant contributions to global education, and giving thousands of students access to a quality American education that transcended generational and international borders. It was presened by Prof. Dr. Steve O’Michael, the President of the AGAUC (Association for Global Advancement of Universities and Colleges).


Using Sias International University as an example, Dr. Shawn Chen shared the importance of Educational Innovation and Development and was roundly praised by the representatives of universities present at the conference. In recognition of his significant contributions to global education, Dr. Chen was awarded an honorary doctorate by Danubius University.


The conferences were organized by Danubius University along with the University of Caminero, Italy, Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland, and the AGAUC. These conferences have discussed and debated the internationalization of higher education, new trends in these fields, and policies and measures adopted by higher education systems around the world. The conferences were opened by Dr. Andy Pușcă, the Rector of Danubius University, with the goal being to integrate academic research in the context of broader social progress.


The AGAUC is committed to education without borders as the cardinal foundation for preparing global citizens and leaders. It promotes transnational cooperation and collaboration among colleges and universities, excellence in global education and research, and integration of the global community of scholars. Through its emphasis on relationship-building, GAUC provides a platform for leveraging participating institutions' unique strengths across the globe. At this year’s conference, leaders and representatives of universities from various countries, including the U.S.A., China, South Korea, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Albania, Thailand, the Philippines, Macedonia, and Moldova, were in attendance. Other speakers included Dr. George Teodorescu, Chairman of Danubius Academic Consortium and Head of the Institute for Integral Innovation, Dr. Michael Hwang, Honorary President, Xi’an Peihua University, Dr. Eugenia Karavayeva, Executive Director of the Association of Russian Classical Universities, Dr. Sergey Zapryagaev, Chief of Accreditation Project for Association of Classical Universities in Russia.


Founded in 1992, and located in the port town of Galați, Romania, Danubius University focuses on enriching the values of the Romanian culture and civilization, supporting the assertion of national identity and spirituality. It is a private institution with Departments in Law, Economic Sciences, Business, and International Relations.
























Dr. Andy Pușcă, the Rector of Danubius University, and Dr. Shawn Chen
























Prof. Dr. Steve O’Michael, the President of the AGAUC
























Dr. Shawn Chen was awarded an honorary doctorate
























The awarding of the honorary doctorate to Dr. Shawn Chen
























The speakers at the International Conferences at Danubius University
























Dr. Shawn Chen delivered the keynote speech























Prof. Dr. Steve O’Michael, Dr. Andy Pușcă, and Dr. Shawn Chen

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