Sias Commencement, 2015


Sunday, May 31 - The graduation ceremony for Sias’ graduating students was held in the Sias gymnasium. The guests included Dr. Mirta Martin, President of Fort Hays State University, Dr. Alan Brown, the Chairman of the Sias Foundation, Song Maoping, the Vice President of Zhengzhou University, Dr. Shawn Chen, the Chairman of the Board of Sias, Fei Hexiang, Sias’ Party Secretary, Dr. Richard Li Hua, the President of Sias, Liu Shuqin, Vice President of Sias, Li Huafeng, Sias’ Deputy Party Secretary, and Han Xiaoai, Sias Provost. The ceremony was presided over by Dr. Richard Li Hua.


The ceremony began with the national anthem of China, followed by an introductory speech by Dr. Shawn Chen. He thanked the teachers and congratulated the graduates and praised the contribution of those who aided the development of the school in the past 4 years. He put forward three points to the graduates. First, that they should be as good as their word. Second, to remember to always be thankful. And third, that they should eagerly pursue and seize opportunities and face challenges. In closing, he expressed his desire that the Sias graduates would achieve their dreams, and fly the flag of their alma mater high.


Song Maoping, the Vice President of Zhengzhou University, encouraged the students to be aware of the times they live in, learn continuously, and constantly improve themselves. He also reminded the students that Sias would always be a home for them.


FHSU President, Dr. Mirta Martin, said that she hoped that the graduating students would be ambitious and courageous, and would use the skills that they acquired at Sias to help them to achieve their goals in life. She also reminded the students that graduation was the beginning of a new challenge.


Xu Fei spoke on behalf of the teachers, and congratulated the graduates. She thanked the parents and teachers of the students for their dedication, and expressed her hope that graduates would return to Sias and maintain their relationships with teachers. This was followed by a speech from Gao Aijing, the graduate representative.


The various graduate awards for academic excellence were presented by Dr. Mirta Martin, Han Xiaoai, Li Huafeng, Prof. Li Shuqin, Dr. Richard Li Hua, Fei Hexiang, and Dr. Shawn Chen. Dr. Martin and Dr. Chen also presented the awards to graduates who had won a scholarship for a Master’s degree at FHSU.


The graduation ceremony ended with the Sias song, and whole host of graduates bidding each other a tearful farewell. Over 6,000 students graduated from Sias this year.





















The 2015 Graduation photo








































































































































































Dr. Shawn Chen, Chairman of the Board of Sias





















Dr. Richard Li Hua, President of Sias





















Song Maoping, Vice President of Zhengzhou University





















Dr. Mirta Martin, President of Fort Hays State University





















Dr. Alan Brown, Chairman of the Sias Foundation





















Xu Fei speaking on behalf of the teachers





















Gao Aijing speaking on behalf of the graduates





















Dr. Mirta Martin presenting the awards for the outstanding graduates of the FHSU degree





















Han Xiaoai, Sias Provost, presenting the Third Place awards





















Li Huafeng, Sias Deputy Party Secretary, presenting the Second Place awards





















Liu Shuqin, Vice President of Sias, presenting the First Place awards





















Dr. Richard Li Hua, Sias President, presenting the valedictorian awards





















Fei Hexiang, Sias Party Secretary, presenting the oustanding graduate awards





















Dr. Shawn Chen, Chairman of the Board of Sias, presenting the awards for outstanding provincial graduates (in Henan)





















Dr. Mirta Martin and Dr. Shawn Chen, presenting awards for graduates who have won scholarships for Master's degree in the USA




















































































Dr. Shawn Chen writing a personal message to a graduate





















Dr. Shawn Chen's message to a graduate

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