Freshmen arrive at Sias

Monday, August 31 - Freshmen for the academic year 2015-16 arrived at Sias on the 29th and 30th of August. Several volunteers were on hand to help the freshmen and their parents, in a bid to give them a taste of Sias’ unique school spirit. In the evening, more volunteers went to Zhengzhou railway station to help students arriving by train.


Dr. Shawn Chen, the Chairman of the Board of Sias, Sias Party Secretary Fei Hexiang, Sias President Chen Sikun, Vice Party Secretary Li Huafeng, Provost Han Xiaoai, Xiao Yun Long, and Li Haijun were on hand to chat with parents and make sure their admission process and travel was smooth. All the school leaders stressed on the importance of a warm, thoughtful, yet professional orientation for the freshmen.


Student organizations also held live performances, including the military band, the cheer-leading squad, the martial arts club, and a variety of other cultural performances.


As of the 30th of August at 6 p.m., the Dean’s Office was informed that 7,289 freshmen had registered with Sias.






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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