Teacher's Day, 2015

Thursday, September 10 - On the afternoon of the 9th of September, Sias held a celebration for its teachers. Dr. Shawn Chen, the Chairman of the Board of Sias, Sias Party Secretary Fei Hexiang, the President of Sias, Dr. Chen Sikun, Vice President Liu Shuqin, Deputy Secretary Li Huafeng, Proctor Han Xiaoai, Supervisor Xiao Yun Long, and Li Haijun, advisor and former president of Sias, were present at this event. It was presided over by Fei Hexiang.


The audience was treated to a video, made by the Sias News Center, that showed what the life of a teacher was like and the amount of sacrifice and dedication put in by teachers on a daily basis. Dr. Shawn Chen then delivered a speech, and also welcomed the new employees.


There were also speeches and awards presented at this event. Finally, the academic year 2015-2016 was also announced as the opening of the 5-year development plan.


The video made for Teacher's Day is followed by pictures of the event.






























Sias Party Secretary Fei Hexiang presided over the meeting




























Dr. Shawn Chen delivered a speech and welcomed the new teachers




























Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun




























Xu Luyao speaking on behalf of the teachers




























Wang Hao speaking on behalf of the new employees




























A student representative giving a speech




























Vice President Liu Shuqin, thanked the teachers in her speech
























Proctor Han Xiaoai presenting awards

























Deputy Party Secretary Li Huafeng presenting awards
























Vice President Liu Shuqin presenting awards
























President Chen Sikun presenting awards

























Sias Party Secretary Fei Hexiang presenting awards


























Sias' Foreign Faculty

























Sias Teachers























Sias teachers

























Sias teachers

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