2016 Spring Job Fair
Monday, May 9 – To ease the pressure of employment that graduating students face, Sias International University held a Spring Job Fair at the Basketball Arena on the 7th of May, 2016. This job fair is for students to experience a rigorous screening and selection process, learn about various fields of employment and potential employers, and give the recruiters an idea of what Sias’ graduating students have to offer.
Some of the companies present were Hong Kong Prudential, Country Garden, Yonyou Network (formerly UFIDA), Marriott International, China Life Insurance, China Taiping Insurance Group, Shanghai’s Xiao Nan Guo Restaurants, Belle International, Beijing’s Global Education, and Uni-President China Holdings. In total there were more than 400 organizations represented, offering over 10,000 jobs.
Sias' job fairs provide students with a platform to showcase their professional skills, communication, and quality to employers. They also provide vital experience for students who will begin their job search soon. Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun, said that he hoped that students would carefully choose the right employers in their search for their dream job.
The 2016 Spring Job Fair was covered by several national and regional news outlets such as:
Xinhua Education News China
Henan Daily
Henan News
Jin Yue Tou Tiao
Phoenix News
Tencent (QQ) Network Henan
Sohu News
Baidu (Henan 100) News
Ying Xiang News
Tiantian Kuaibao (QQ)
Pei Xun Tong
Yü Min News
Jing Dian News
Zhengzhou Daily News
Sias' 2016 Spring Job Fair held at the Basketball Arena
Sias' 2016 Spring Job Fair
Sias President Dr. Chen Sikun at the spring job fair
Vice President Liu Shuqin at the spring job fair
 The 2016 Spring Job Fair
The 2016 Spring Job Fair
The 2016 Spring Job Fair
The 2016 Spring Job Fair
The 2016 Spring Job Fair

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