Sias signs MoU with Bournemouth University

Wednesday, May 25 – Sias International University was visited by a delegation from Bournemouth University. The delegation had come to build on the Letter of Intent signed between the two parties in November, 2014. Representatives of the two universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the hope of increased cooperation and exchanges in the near future.


The delegation from Bournemouth University included the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. John Vinney; Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sonal Minocha; and the Associate Dean of Management Faculty, Dr. Lucy Lu. Sias was represented at the meeting by the President, Dr. Chen Sikun; Vice President, Guo Aimin; and the Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department (ICED), William Lu.


Dr. Chen Sikun and William Lu introduced the guests to Sias and spoke about Sias’ history, purpose, and internationalization. Dr. Chen expressed the willingness to cooperate with Bournemouth University, stating that both universities were similar in many ways.


Prof. Vinney echoed Dr. Chen’s views and spoke of the many commonalities between Sias International University and Bournemouth University. He said that the history, growth, and success of the two university were quite similar, and would thus form a good basis for future cooperation. The professionalism, business engagement, and global view of growth shared by the two universities would enhance the relationship. He said that the academic footprint of Sias and Bournemouth University are very alligned, especially with regard to the Schools of Nursing, Business, and Electronic Engineering, so there would be many opportunities to build on the relationship.


Sias Vice-President, Guo Aimin, spoke of the possibilities of collaborating in several fields of research as well. He laid out Sias’ plan for the next 5 years with regard to the recruitment of international students. He said that around 3,000 international students had studied at Sias so far, a figure made all the more remarkable by the fact that there have been around 8,000 international students in all of Henan province. Sias was in line with the government plan for the immediate future, even though Sias was moving towards becoming fully independent.


Prof. Vinney and Dr. Chen then signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at a signing ceremony on the 7th floor of the Administration Building.
























Campus Tour (China-US Incubation Center)
























Campus Tour (China-US Incubation Center)


























Campus Tour (China-US Incubation Center)


























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Campus Tour (Golf Driving Range)





























Campus Tour (Chinese Garden)








































Campus Tour (Chinese Garden)




























Campus Tour (Basketball Arena)
























Initial discussions
























Signing the Memorandum of Understanding
























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