Johnson University delegation visits Sias

Tuesday, June 14 – On the morning of the 14th of June, Sias International University was visited by a delegation from Johnson University. The brief visit was to establish an open dialogue between the two universities, following the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between them in July, 2015.


The delegation from Johnson University consisted of their President, Dr. Gary Weedman; the Provost, Dr. Tommy Smith; Dean of the Templar School of Education, Dr. Roy Miller; Trustee of Johnson University, Dr. Richard Woods; and the Director of International Relations and Assistant Professor of Chinese History & Culture, Duan Hua. Other members of the delegation were Dr. Janice Kidd, educator of Woodlawn Community School; Dr. Jan Moore, Principal of Seymour Primary School; and Ms. Cady Moore, Nursing educator at King University.


During the visit, the delegation visited the Sias-affiliated primary school before touring the campus and various facilities of Sias International University to get an on-site understanding of the East-weets-West characteristic of the university. The delegation then had a meeting with senior members of Sias on the seventh floor of the administration building.


Sias was represented at the meeting by President, Dr. Chen Sikun; Dean of the School of International Cultural Exchange, Jinjin Chu; Coordinator of International Programs at the International Cooperation and Exchange Department (ICED), Gavin Chen; Dang Yuyao, Director of the Study Overseas Center; Tang Aimin, Principal of the Sias Elementary School; and Ping Hongjie, Sias Faculty and Johnson University alumni.


Dr. Chen Sikun welcomed the guests and spoke of cooperation and collaboration with Johnson University. He said that Sias was a symbol of Chinese openness to the world, with an international campus and a focus on exposing students to the world. Events like the Candlelight ceremony and the International Culture Week give students an added cultural exposure as well. He went on to inform the guests that Sias is the fastest growing university in Henan province and has a 5-year plan to increase the number of international students to 1,400. Dedicated buildings, and dormitories are a part of this plan. These international students can take the HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) at Sias itself. As a part of this plan, Dr. Chen said he would encourage students to go to Johnson University for exchanges.


The Dean of the School of International Cultural Exchange, Jinjin Chu, spoke of how the School of Chinese Language and Culture had grown into the School of International Cultural Exchange because of the development and growth of the curriculum that incorporated more than just language and culture. She said that one-third of international students at Sias were from partner schools, and one-third of international students also studied Chinese language. International students who study business management, international trade, and international finance get to take part in the Chinese program for free. Studying the Chinese language in China provided a more immersion-based language education. She said that Sias would be willing to offer scholarships to international students based on the reciprocity of the partner universities involved. She also spoke about the setting aside of government funds for these scholarships.


The President of Johnson University, Dr. Gary Weedman, spoke of his eagerness to find more ways to cooperate and deepen the partnership. He hoped to finish the exchange agreements in the neare future. Director of International Relations at Johnson University, Duan Hua, said that the trustees of Johnson University would work on the future agreements, and that all such agreements would need approval from their governing board.


Established in 1893, in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, Johnson University is a private, Christian, co-educational college. It is a part of the Johnson University system (which has a campus in Florida as well) that offers over 40 bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D.programs.

Campus tour

Campus tour (Sias school)

Campus tour

Campus tour (CUBA Training Facility)

Campus tour (Golf driving range)

Campus tour

Campus tour (Chinese garden)

Campus tour (Chinese garden)

Campus tour (Chinese garden)

The delegation from Johnson University



Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun

President of Johnson University, Dr. Gary Weedman, and Dr. Chen Sikun

The delegation outside the Administration building (South)

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