Sias signs cooperation agreement with Zhengzhou ETDZ

Wednesday, July 13 – On the 12th of July, Sias International University signed a cooperation agreement with the Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (ETDZ). The signing ceremony was held at the Sias campus with Lu Jie, Deputy Director of Human Resources of the ETDZ, and Liu Shuqin, Vice President of Sias. There were also heads of some of the schools of Sias, and more than 10 business leaders in attendance at the ceremony. The agreement gives Sias faculty and students access to regional industry resources in the Economic and Technological Development Zone.


Vice President Liu Shuqin delivered a speech at the ceremony and expressed her gratitude for the support from the leaders of the Zhengzhou ETDZ. She also spoke about Sias’ history, educational philosophy, unique culture, and international campus. She said she hoped that this agreement would be used as an opportunity to uphold the pioneering and innovative spirit of Sias, and realize the mutual benefits of this win-win agreement, all the while making due contributions to social progress and economic development.


Lu Jie, Deputy Director of Human Resources of the ETDZ, introduced the growth and development of the Zhengzhou district and the ETDZ. He said that this partnership would benefit both parties and would lead to a theme of consistent common development. He said that the Zhengzhou ETDZ was the only State-level economic and technological development zone in Henan province, and not only had a sound infrastructure and service system, but also has a number of well-known foreign companies, industrial enterprises, and exporters. The quality of Sias graduates would lead to an increase in the output of the Zhengzhou ETDZ, as well as new jobs, internships, and incubators. He said that this would all aid in increased employment and regional economic development.


Other leaders present expressed their appreciation for Sias' contribution to education in Henan, with the introduction of Western educational philosophy, English proficiency among students, internationalization, and the development of well-rounded graduates who are ready to enter the job market. They said that this would increase the cooperation between universities and enterprises, and help colleges and universities have their say in the job market.


After this, Sias International University and the Zhengzhou ETDZ signed the cooperation agreement, with participants from the Shuanghui Group, Xufei Optoelectric Technology Co., and other key listed enterprises. The participants visited Henan Venture Capital Business Center for a scholarly exchange so that future university graduates could gain support for their startups and business ventures. The two parties then established a Graduates Internship Center with a view to further expand the possibilities for Sias graduates to have business incubation space as well as strengthen the foundation of their entrepreneurial education.


The Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (ETDZ) was established in April 1993, and was approved as the first state-level development zone in Henan province on February 13, 2000. It is the only Six-Star industrial area in Henan. The zone has a developed area of 7 square kilometres (3 square miles) and includes two international logistics park zones, with more than 8,000 companies, including 205 foreign-investment companies. Industries encouraged include Electronics Assembly & Manufacturing, Telecommunications Equipment, Trading and Distribution, Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Instruments & Industrial Equipment Production, Medical Equipment and Supplies, Shipping/Warehousing/Logistics and Heavy Industry.

Discussions at the Zhengzhou ETDZ service center

Liu Shuqin, Vice President of Sias

Liu Jie, Deputy Director of Human Resources of Zhengzhou ETDZ

The signing of the cooperation agreement

Inauguration of the Graduates Internship Center

Inauguration of the Graduates Internship Center

Inauguration of the Graduates Internship Center

Inauguration of the Graduates Internship Center

Leaders present at the signing ceremony

Visiting the Henan Venture Capital Business Center

Visiting the Henan Venture Capital Business Center

Visiting the Henan Venture Capital Business Center

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