Sias Founder speaks at opening of Plug & Play China HQ

Wednesday, July 27 – On the 23rd of July, the opening ceremony for Plug&Play's China headquarters were held during the Zhong Guan Cun International Innovation Week in Zhong Guan Cun in Beijing. Deputy Industrial and Information Minister, Huaijin Peng; Deputy Mayor of Beijing Suizhen Jiang; Director of Torch Center at the Ministry of Science & Technology, Zhang Zhihong; Plug&Play Global Founder, Rahim Amidi; Chairman of the Board of Sias, and Plug&Play Chinese partner, Dr. Shawn Chen; as well as leaders from Beijing's municipal administration office and the Beijing district, were present at the ceremony.


Rahim Amidi and Dr. Shawn Chen signed an agreement making Plug&Play's Chinese headquarters at Zhong Guan Cun in Beijing. They both thanked the Beijing municipal government, the Administrative Committee of Zhong Guan Cun, and Haidian district government leaders for their support in the setting up of Plug&Play's headquarters in China. They also elaborated on the plans for Plug&Play in China and the future strategic development. The goal is to help China's entrepreneurs and to customize the rapid growth of startups and incubators, expanding companies and entrepreneurial enterprises, just as Plug&Play grew in California's Silicon Valley.


Dr. Shawn Chen said that Plug&Play's China headquarters will help establish a strong international business eco-system, including startups, venture capital, companies, and research institutions in a global organic method, and will boost China's innovation platform. He spoke of Sias International University's international vision and commitment to producing innovative students while focusing on their output, employment, internships, and incubation of talent leading to a mutually beneficial growth in employment and regional economic development, as well as meeting market needs and the social development of students. Sias' East-meets-West philosophy and fusion of Eastern and Western educational methods has given its students an educational advantage, providing them with resources for innovative ventures, both home and abroad. The Sino-US Incubation Center, set up with the Amidi Group, has supported students with the implementation of international venture projects, and has a success rate of above 60%. For this Sias International University was awarded the "2015 Central China Private Education Innovation and Development Award" and is a model for the implementation of educational entrepreneurship among universities in Henan province. Dr. Chen said that Sias was willing to serve as a bridge of cooperation between local governments and international organizations to support innovation and entrepreneurship and contribute to the economy.


Plug&Play was started in the United States by the the founder of the Amidi Group, Rahim Amidi. In the past 2 years, it has aided the growth of over 200 businesses in China, with centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, and Chongqing. It has also helped over 100 startups in Silicon Valley in the United States, in Germany, and in Russia. It's new headquarters in China will handle the management and service of the aforementioned 8 centers in China.

The opening ceremony of Plug and Play's China headquarters

The signing ceremony

Dr. Shawn Chen, delivering a speech

Dr. Shawn Chen, delivering a speech

The unveiling ceremony

(L-R) Dr. Shawn Chen, Huaijin Peng, Suizhen Jiang and Zhang Zhihong

(L-R) Dr. Shawn Chen, Huaijin Peng, Suizhen Jiang and Zhang Zhihong

Dr. Shawn Chen, with Cui Shuqiang, the Secretary of Haidian District, Beijing

Rahim Amidi and Dr. Shawn Chen inspecting the construction of the headquarters

Inspection of the construction of Plug&Play's China headquarters

Group photo

Group photo

Group photo

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