Sias holds Fire Safety and Evacuation Drills

Friday, November 18 – In the interest of fire safety knowledge and to effectively reduce the incidents of fire accidents, Sias International University held training sessions and evacuation drills on the 17th of November to improve the ability of teachers and students to fight fire, save lives, and protect personal property on campus in the event of an emergency. Sias Party Secretary, Fei Hexiang, Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun, Xinzheng City Fire Department Chief of Staff, Hu Lei, were present, along with leaders of the logistics groups, the Security Office, some Sias students, and members and staff of Sias' Primary School.


Fei Hexiang, welcomed the members of the Xinzheng City Fire Department. He said that the aim of the fire and safety program was to increase awareness among teachers and students, minimizing the riks of fires, so as to maintain security and safety on campus. He stressed that this was a very important program as it affected each and every student at Sias. He hoped that the measures being taken by Sias would encourage both students and teachers to enhance their awareness of fire safety, mass evacuation, fire rescue, and emergency responses, making the Sias campus a safe environment.


Hu Lei said that November was 'Fire Safety Month', and that all students should learn about fire safety, understand the causes, and be aware of the impact all of this can have on the Sias campus. Sias students and teachers then took part in evacuation drills, including ladder rescue, air cushion, walking through fire and other related situational responses.

Fire Safety and Evacuation Drills at the Western part of Sias' campus

Leaders at the Fire Safety and Evacuation Drills

Fire safety talk

Sias Party Secretary, Fei Hexiang

Xinzheng City Fire Department Chief of Staff, Hu Lei

Xinzheng City Fire Department Commander

Emergency evacuation

Fire drill

Fire drill

Fire drill

Air cushion rescue

Ladder rescue

Fire drill

Fire drill

Fire drill

Air cushion rescue

Cross fire extinguishing method

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