PVC of BU given Honorary Letter of Appointment by Sias

Wednesday, December 7 – The Pro Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement) of Bournemouth University in England, Dr. Sonal Minocha, was given an honorary Letter of Appointment by Sias International University. The certificate was presented by Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun.


Following the presentation of the Letter of Appointment, Dr. Minocha delivered a lecture on Global Talent Development to the students who were present. William Lu, the Director of the International Cooperation & Exchange Department (ICED), presided over the ceremony and subsequent forum. Dr. Minocha thanked Dr. Chen Sikun for the Letter of Appointment, and also thanked the students for attending the lecture. She said that this Letter of Appointment showed that the relationship between Bournemouth University and Sias was a real partnership.


In her lecture, titled ‘Global Talent Development: A Challenge or an Opportunity’, Dr. Minocha said that global talent development included the adaptation of work and life internationally. She said, however, that global talent development was not necessarily about working abroad. It could also involve working in a global environment and global marketplace. In order to succeed, one would need a global mindset, heartset, and skillset. Dr. Minocha concluded by encouraging students to think about impacting the world, and not just their own careers.


The lecture was followed by a Q&A session during which Dr. Minocha answered a series of questions from students about the challenges, opportunities, and advantages of studying abroad, especially in the United Kingdom. She said that not everyone would be able to go and study abroad as students can be limited by a variety of challenges. Providing the same experiences of studying abroad to students who cannot do so is one of the huge challenges faced by educators and students internationally.


Dr. Lucy Lu, the Associate Dean of Global Engagement at Bournemouth University, who accompanied Dr. Minocha on this visit, spoke to the students briefly about Bournemouth University, the nurturing of global talent, and her own journey from being raised in Zhengzhou to living and working in the United Kingdom.

Students in the lecture hall

William Lu, Director of ICED, presided over the ceremony

Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun, presents Dr. Minocha with the Letter of Appointment

Dr. Sonal Minocha, Pro Vice Chancellor (Global Engagement) of Bournemouth University

Dr. Minocha delivered a lecture to Sias students

Q&A session

Q&A session

Dr. Lucy Lu, the Associate Dean of Global Engagement at Bournemouth University

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