Sias signs cooperation agreement with IT Value

Monday, February 27 – On the morning of the 25th of February, Sias International University and IT Value co-founded the ‘Sias-IT Institute of Value Management’ in a signing ceremony at Plug and Play’s China headquarters in Beijing.


Signatories and witnesses of the signing included Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen; Founder of Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play, and co-founder of the Sias-Amidi (China-US) Incubation Center, Rahim Amidi; Vice President and CIO (Chief Information Officer) of the Wanda Group, Zhu Zhanbei; Senior Vice President and CIO of the Jinjiang International Hotel Group, Zhang Xingguo; Vice President and CIO of the Sanpower Group, Wang Yong; Senior Vice President and CIO of ANBO Education, Gu Yisi; the Dean of Sias’ School of Business, Li Jie; and the Dean of Sias’ School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Shen Yang.


IT Value is China’s largest CIO community. It is dedicated to providing the best communication and collaboration platform for the sharing of information technology and the promotion of business and social progress by information builders, managers, and experts in the field of IT.

Signing of the agreement by Dr. Shawn Chen, and Co-Founder of Titanium Media, Wan Ning (on behalf of IT Value)

Signatories and witnesses of the agreement

Dr. Shawn Chen delivered a speech

Co-Founder of Titanium Media, Wan Ning, delivered a speech




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