Second Semester Leadership Meeting

Thursday, March 9 – A leadership meeting was organized by Sias International University, on the 8th of March, in the Administration building. In attendance were Sias Party Secretary, Fei Hexiang, Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun, Vice President, Liu Shuqin, Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, Assistant Principal, Sun Rujian, Assistant Principal, Guo Xuede, along with the heads of various schools and departments at Sias, and local government leaders. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Chen Sikun.


Party Secretary Fei Hexiang opened the meeting with a speech that relayed key points from the Henan Provincial Party Committee conference. He stressed that these points should be implemented in Sias through the school leadership. He said that the leadership at Sias should continue to strengthen the trends of development at the university. Clear objectives were to be made for the coming semester. He encouraged the leaders to persist in reform and innovation, coordinate with other departments, and improve the ability and efficiency of the staff. He said that a transparent and honest governance would help ensure the stable development of Sias.


President Chen Sikun spoke of the priorities for the new semester. He said that Sias was to focus on the following 8 aspects in the new semester:

1. to begin a comprehensive professional assessment of undergraduate programs

2. to do a good job with professional construction and development planning

3. to aim for quality teaching, with a focus on project construction as the starting point, to raise the provincial brand, increase domestic focus, and feature a professional construct

4. to implement scientific research teams to promote development within the disciplines

5. to strengthen the ethics of teachers and their teaching styles

6. to create human resources audits and targeted assessments of the management

7. to strengthen employment and entrepreneurship education, and graduate employability

8. to ensure the safety and stability of the university


Vice President Liu Shuqin also delivered a speech on the working and employment conditions for the students. She pointed out that this year Sias will continue to expand existing channels, open up new roads, establish a new employment practice base, and organize a comprehensive job fair. Sias will also provide support to those who wish to give the civil service exam, and enlist in the army, all the while providing free guidance and encouragement to students entering the working world.


The leaders also spoke of the supervision of the many departments, the administration, the dean's offices, research, and school officials. Management classes that prioritize teaching and research will be organized for the benefit of the staff and students this semester.

Sias held the 2nd Semester Leadership Meeting in the Administration Building

Second Semester Leadership Meeting

Sias Party Secretary, Fei Hexiang

Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun

Vice President, Liu Shuqin

Presentation of work reports

Presentation of work reports

Presentation of work reports

Presentation of work reports

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