The First Xinzheng Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest

Wednesday, May 10 – Organized by the People's Government of Xinzheng City and the Xinzheng Science and Technology Bureau, the first Xinzheng Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest was held at Sias International University on the 9th of May, 2017. The chief guests were the Deputy Secretary of the Science & Technology Bureau of Zhengzhou City, Qiao Yingkui; Deputy Mayor of Xinzheng City, Li Meng; Sias Party Secretary, Fei Hexiang; Sias Vice President, Liu Shuqin; and the Director of the Xinzheng Science & Technology Bureau, Fan Wenchao. Members of the local government of Xinzheng City, including those from the Propaganda Department, Finance Bureau, and Human Resources Office were present. Leaders of relevant schools of Sias International University, as well as innovators and entrepreneurs from the region were also at the contest.


Fei Hexiang welcomed the guests and contestants on behalf of Sias and gave a brief introduction of the history and philosophy of Sias' educational model. He said that one of Sias' goals was to produce graduates who were able to implement the education they received, as well as pursue innovative entrepreneurial models based on their training and experience.


Deputy Mayor of Xinzheng, Li Meng, spoke on behalf of the Xinzheng Government. He thanked those present, and spoke of the benefits for the local community that this contest would provide. He said that it would promote public entrepreneurship, give local innovation an impetus and thereby enhance economic development by enriching the local economic structure. This in turn would increase the drive for innovation and put Xinzheng city on a significant path of development.


The Deputy Secretary of the Science & Technology Bureau of Zhengzhou City, Qiao Yingkui, spoke of the aims of the contest for the development of Xinzheng and how it would inject the community with a selection of a number of outstanding entrepreneurial enterprises and projects. He said that he hoped that these high-level, high-quality entrepreneurial teams would fuel the growth of emerging local industries.


The Xinzheng Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest lasted 3 days, and included preliminary stages, semi-finals, and finals. Judges included well known entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, members of financial institutions, and industry experts.

Xinzheng City's first Innovation & Entrepreneurial Contest

Sias Party Secretary, Fei Hexiang

Deputy Mayor of Xinzheng City, Li Meng

Deputy Secretary of the Science & Technology Bureau of Zhengzhou City, Qiao Yingkui

The 'Launch Ball' at the opening ceremony

Founder of, Bai Yanan

Innovation and entrepreneurship keynote speech

Contestants showing their projects

Contestants showing their projects

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