Henan Division of 8th World Mandarin Debate Championships

Monday, November 27 – The Henan Division of the 8th World Mandarin Debating Championships was held at Sias International University from the 18th to the 26th of November. The preliminary stages, as well as the semi-finals, and finals of the Henan Division were held over the course of 9 days at Sias, and involved 18 teams from 18 universities across Henan province.


The final, on the 26th of November, involved teams from Henan University of Economics and Law, and Sias International University. After a series of intense debates over a variety of rounds, the the team from Sias International University emerged victorious.


Later on the 26th, at the awards ceremony, Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun, presented awards and congratulated the contestants. Several guests were present, as well the participants of the 18 debate teams from across Henan province.


Sias International University were awarded the first prize, with Henan University of Economics and Law coming in second. The third place was shared by Henan University, Henan University of Technology, and Henan Polytechnic University. Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management were awarded the prize for most popular debate team.

8th World Mandarin Debate Championships, Henan Division

8th World Mandarin Debate Championships, Henan Division

Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun



2017 Zhengzhou Law Association Young Lawyer Debate Competition Best Debater, and lawyer at Henan Chenzhong Law Firm, Zhao Peizhi

Group photo

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