Sias wins 2 awards from China National Radio

Monday, December 18 – Sias International University won 2 awards at "China Education +", an educational summit organized and hosted by China National Radio, on the 14th of December in Beijing. Experts, academics, industry leaders and representatives of leading institutions in the field of education were present to discuss the content, quality, and development of education in the current era of accelerated growth. There were also leaders from China's Ministry of Education, and representatives of many well-known colleges and universities from across China. Over 500 guests were present at the summit's forum where the future of the development of education in China was discussed.


China National Radio's education summit is one of the top annual events in Chinese education, not just for its extensive coverage, but also it's growing social influence. Through a combination of early online voting, the decisions of media and expert panels, and a growing reputation for its graduates' employment and entrepreneurship, Sias International University won the "2017 Brand Influence among Sino-Foreign Cooperative Universities Award", and the "2017 Famous Innovation and Entrepreneurship University Award". Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun, was invited to the summit to deliver a keynote speech, and receive the awards on behalf of Sias.


At the Forum, Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun, delivered a keynote speech entitled, "How to Achieve Characteristic Development and Construction of Private Sino-Foreign Cooperative Colleges and Universities". He pointed out that in the current climate of economic globalization in a multi-polar world, aspects such as social information, cultural diversity, scientific and technological intelligence, combined with a university's academic mission and localized goals, supported by its scientific research and guided by its social service, have made universities a focal point of change in these modern times.


He then spoke about the 3 aspects of private Sino-foreign cooperative educational institutions that are crucial to meet the growing demand for a diversified and international education. Continual development, along with practice and exploration over the course of the past 20 years, formed the characteristics and experience that have led Sias to be a successful private Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution. The source of internationalization at private Sino-foreign cooperative universities was the internationalization of teachers, students, the educational philosophy, teaching methods, and the curriculum, as well as internationalization through cultural exchanges, cooperation, and cultural education. Equal attention is given to the domestic trends and market demand with regard to talent cultivation. Thus, application is as important as internationalization.


Finally, President Chen Sikun stressed on the fact that as a part of the process of internationalization, universities should actively promote both Chinese and foreign education, science & technology, cultural exchanges, and cooperation between universities, thereby providing access to not just high-quality educational resources and cross-cultural views, but also promoting Chinese culture to the rest of the world, and shaping a new image of China abroad.


It was important to build a modern university with Chinese characteristics, and realize extensive development goals and improve the level of education, while actively encouraging the development of new ideas and guiding the students to develop a broad international vision as well as give them a profoud professional knowledge and the confidence and ability to participate in international competition and cooperation. The strong guarantee of talent and intelligence from the university should also be bound to an enhanced responsibility towards social and economic development in both national and local services.


On the afternoon of the 13th of December, Dr. Chen Sikun was invited to headquarters of China National Radio. The Director of the Entertainment and Business Department of CNR, Zhang Chunmei, introduced Dr. Chen to the history, development, and goals of CNR. The two sides exchanged views with regard to issues such as cooperation and development between CNR and Sias. After this, President Chen Sikun spoke live on the CNR network news broadcast about innovation in Sino-foreign cooperation in colleges, universities, and the education system at large.

"China Education +" was held on the 14th of December in Beijing

"China Education +" was organized by China National Radio

Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun

Dr. Chen Sikun delivered a keynote speech

Dr. Chen Sikun

Dr. Chen Sikun

Dr. Chen Sikun

Sias was awarded the "2017 Brand Influence among Sino-Foreign Cooperative Universities Award", and the "2017 Famous Innovation and Entrepreneurship University Award"

Dr. Chen was invited to the Central Radio Network headquarters

Dr. Chen spoke live on the CNR network news broadcast

Dr. Chen at the CNR headquarters

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