Student Work Seminar

Friday, January 5 – Sias International University held a Student Work Seminar on the 4th of January in the new Sias Library. Sias Party Secretary, Ma Jiansheng, Vice President, Liu Shuqin, and Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, were in attendance. The meeting was chaired by Li Huafeng.


Sias Vice President, Liu Shuqin, spoke of her proposals and presented 8 points to be focused on during the upcoming semester Among them were the improvement of innovation with regard to ideological and political education, the implementation of specializations for students, the improvement of student organizations, and the introduction of service platforms to enhance the education and services provided to students. The goal, she said, was to attain remarkable results, while steadily increasing the level of employment and entrepreneurship at Sias.


The participants were divided into 3 groups, where they discussed issues such as reform in the residential colleges, all-round education, different styles of education, teaching methods, networking, political education, employment and entrepreneurship, enrollment, and the rate of student registration. Each group then presented the outcomes of their discussions


Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, delivered the closing speech. He said that it was everyone's duty to contribute towards the strengthening of ideological and political work at Sias, to ensure a confident, improved, and stable future for Sias.

Student Work Seminar held on the 4th of January

Deputy Party Secretary, Li Huafeng, presided over the meeting

Vice President, Liu Shuqin

Group discussions

Group discussions

Participants in the conference share their views

Participants in the conference share their views

Participants in the conference share their views

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