Deputy Director of Private Education at Henan DoE visits Sias

Monday, March 26 – The Deputy Director of the Private Education Department at the Henan Department of Education, Zhang Baozhu, visited Sias International University on the 26th of March, to oversee the development and progress of Sias as a leading private university in Henan. Sias President, Dr. Chen Sikun, met with Zhang Baoshan in a meeting that was chaired by the Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Wang Xiaoquan. Also at the meeting were leaders of Sias' School of Business, School of Foreign Languages, and other relevant departments.


Dr. Chen Sikun welcomed the guests and thanked them for their support through the years, and for their guidance with regard to Sias' development. He introduced them to Sias' role among private universities in Henan, and spoke of the use of State funds and grants at Sias. The leader of International Economics and Trade at the School of Business spoke of the evolution of the School of Business, with the development of new goals and educational philosophies, faculty growth, academic exchanges, and teaching methods. They also discussed the difficulties and deficiencies involved along the way.


Deputy Director Zhang Baozhu congratulated Sias on its achievements and gave his thoughts on the problems and difficulties encountered during the growth of a private university in Henan. He also listened to suggestions put forward by Sias leaders. He encouraged Sias to continue its trajectory of growth and research, as it was leading the way and contributing significantly to private education in Henan.

Meeting in the Administration Building

Dean of the Academic Affairs Office, Wang Xiaoquan

Sias President Dr. Chen Sikun

Deputy Director of the Private Education Department at the Henan Department of Education, Zhang Baozhu

Representative of the School of Business

Representative of the School of Foreign Languages

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