Honor Guard for California Baptist University delegation

Saturday, May 26 – On the 25th of May, Sias International University held a welcoming ceremony for a delegation from California Baptist University. The Welcoming Ceremony that included an Honor Guard was held at the southern end of the Central Fountain Square, in front of the Administration Building.


The Honor Guard, which included the raising of the flag of California Baptist University, was accompanied by the Sias Marching Band. The Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, and the President of California Baptist University, Dr. Ronald L. Ellis, reviewed the guard and delivered speeches.


Dr. Shawn Chen welcomed the members of the delegation, especially Dr. Ellis, who had last visited Sias in 2009. He said that the cooperation between the two universities was very important to Sias, and that he was looking forward to more results from this relationship in the future.


Dr. Ellis said that he felt honored to visit Sias International University. He said that when he last visited, in 2009, he saw the future of international education at Sias. Now he had seen even more progress with regard to the vision of what international education can be. He said that he was proud of the partnership between California Baptist University and Sias, and looked forward to a long-lasting relationship between the two universities.


The delegation from California Baptist University (CBU) also included the Vice President for Global Initiatives, Dr. Larry Linamen, the Vice President for Marketing and Communications, Dr. Mark Wyatt, Professor of Nutrition, Dr. Shasha Zheng and members of the International Addmissions office, Belinda Bai, and Sarah Bai.


The Welcoming Ceremony, which marked the beginning of the Homecoming and Graduation weekend, was concluded by the Honor Guard and the Sias Marching Band.

Flag exchange

Welcoming ceremony

Welcoming ceremony

Honor guard

Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen

President of California Baptist University, Dr. Ronald L. Ellis

Honor Guard

Honor Guard

Honor Guard

Honor Guard

Group photo

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