Henan Procuratorial Vocational College leaders visit Sias

Thursday, July 5 - On the 4th of July, the President of the Henan Procuratorial Vocational College, Tian Kai, and the Director of Educational Administration, Wang Lihui, visited Sias International University.


Accompanied by Sias President Chen Sikun and the leaders of the University Office, School of Law, and other relevant departments, the visiting delegation toured the Sias campus, including the CUBA Training Facility, Golf Driving Range, Chinese Garden, Library, School of Law, as well as teaching and living facilities. They were also given a brief introduction to Sias' campus culture and architecture.


The two parties held talks in the administration building with President Chen Sikun, and the Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Wang Xiaoquan, and the Dean of the School of Law, Song Sibei.


President Chen Sikun introduced President Tian Kai to the educational philosophy of Sias and elaborated on the univerity's development process, concepts, academic strength, and international educational model. He said that Sias' goal of the integration of knowledge and practice in an East-meets-West environment through a liberal arts education had provided students with a comprehensive and well rounded experience that nurtured innovation.


President Tian Kai spoke about the Henan Procuratorial Vocational College, including its scale of enrollment, faculty, and departments. He said that Sias' undergraduate model was one they sought to learn from, especially the characteristics and teaching methods in Sias' School of Law.


The Director of the Academic Affairs Office, Wang Xiaoquan, and the Dean of the School of Law, Song Sibei, spoke about the School's undergraduate education, focusing on the setup, enrollment and training programs.

Campus Tour (German Street)

Campus Tour (European Street)

Campus Tour (Golf Driving Range)

Campus Tour (Chinese Garden)

Campus Tour (Chinese Garden)

Campus Tour (Library)

Campus Tour (Library)

Campus Tour (Library)

Campus Tour (School of Law)

Campus Tour (School of Law)


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