Sias visited by Henan Deputy Governor

Thursday, July 26 - The Deputy Governor of Henan province visited Sias International University on the 25th of July. He was accompanied by the Party Secretary of Henan Housing and Urban Rural Development Department, Wu Hao; Deputy Inspector of the General Office of the Henan Government, Yang Xinsheng; Director of the 5th Department of the Henan Government, Guo Weiting; Deputy Mayor of Zhengzhou, Wu Fumin; Deputy Secretary General of the Zhengzhou Municipal Government, Sun Jiangong; Party Secretary of the Xinzheng Municipal Committee, Liu Jianwu; Mayor of Xinzheng, and Deputy Party Secretary of the Xinzheng Municipal Committee, Ma Zhifeng; and the Deputy Mayor of Xinzheng, Zhao Minxiang.


The Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, along with Sias Party Secretary Ma Jiansheng, President Chen Sikun, and other school leaders were on hand to welcome the Henan Vice Governor and his delegation. They also led the delegation on a campus tour, showcasing the teaching facilities and student dormitories.


Dr. Shawn Chen gave Deputy Governor Xu a detailed description of Sias' educational philosophy and programs, campus culture, development goals, achievements and construction blueprints. He also spoke about the enrollment of students, foreign faculty, architectural concepts, and the work of reform at Sias.


Deputy Governor Xu Guang congratulated Sias for the achievements in the past 20 years and thanked Dr. Chen for his contribution to education and internationalization in Henan. He said that after 20 years of development, Sias had remained a unique university with distinct features, advantages, and a growing reputation for producing excellent graduates. He said that he hoped that Sias would continue in the same vein, and would seize the opportunities provided by the Henan government to contribute to the economic and social development of the province.

Sias leaders welcome Henan Deputy Governor Xu Guang

Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen and Xu Guang

Campus tour

Campus tour

Dr. Chen speaking about Sino-foreign cooperative projects

Dr. Chen speaking about Sias' service to local communities

Dr. Chen speaking about Sias' growth in the past 20 years

Henan Deputy Governor Xu Guang with his delegation

Dr. Chen speaking about Sias' development plans

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